You were made for this Journey….

As I was looking through old photos I stumbled across an old fitness competition photo of myself and it immediately took me back to those days where my life literally revolved around food, workouts and sleep. I ate, slept and breathed competition life….every decision was based upon whether it would affect my upcoming competition. I remember how tasking this was on me emotionally, physically and spiritually and at that time it took a toll on my relationship as well.  I had to remind myself why I was doing this, and remind myself of how strong I was, how far I’ve come to stop now, and the valuable lessons I have learned thus far.

Do you ever wonder why you chose to put yourself through an experience, a situation, or circumstance yet look back and feel so much gratitude for all the lessons that it taught you? We would not be the people that we are today if it wasn’t for the valuable lessons and opportunities of our past. Some are not so pleasant yet those seem to be the challenges that teach and mold us the most. We may not understand the “why” at that time but it certainly appears once we are finally ready to see and receive the lesson and/or experience with open arms.

I had to hold on tight during my competition days, it was a roller-coaster of emotions…up and down and then up again only to be taken back down. The whole competition road and journey is another blog post on its own, but know that regardless of my up’s and down’s and your up’s and down’s WE/I AM VICTORIOUS! Why? Because we kept going, we pressed through and received the internal medal of owning who we truly are….!!

I learned to get out there in life and strut my stuff, meaning my knowledge, my accomplishments, and experiences and my trials to help and encourage so many that were struggling in their own circumstances and give them a HUGE glimmer of hope!

OWN who you are…. your uniqueness, your trials, your victories and DON’T look back!

BE fearless in your steps and confident in your walk…you were made for this journey! – Jeanette Ortega

I was made for this JOURNEY!

I was made for this JOURNEY!

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