Why You Should Sugar Detox

Did you know that the average American consumes 152 pounds of sugar a year? We always hear and read that fat is our enemy, making us sick and overweight, but the real culprit-SUGAR. The best way to start a sugar detox is by not drinking your calories. Sugary drinks are harder for your body to process than solid food sugars which get sent to the liver and stored as fat, causing stubborn belly fat. So drink lots of water and take in a lot of protein. This will help with the cravings. Try starting the day with a protein shake or eggs (more whites than yolk). Throughout the day eat nuts, fish and other hormone free meats. Remember, a protein shouldn’t be larger than the palm of your hand. After a great workout at Extreme Results Fitness, end the day with a great nights sleep. Sleep is key to suppressing sugar cravings.

Good luck and happy detoxing!

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