What makes you hungry?

Hunger is a response which the body produces alerting you that you don’t have food in the stomach and you need to eat for energy. The body doesn’t need the energy at that very moment but you have to look at the body like a car. You always have to keep gas in the tank and do not wait until you run out and break down before you fill it up! You prepare ahead of time, so you don;t run out of fuel (or energy). When it comes to hunger, and you push it off, the hunger fades, and you’re no longer hungry, that’s your metabolism stabilizing the body. After 4-6 hours of no food, the body has to cut back on the fuel it’s burning, thinking to itself “Are we okay? Let’s conserve energy until we eat again.” This is a large reason 5-6 small meals per day are ideal.

Some will argue you don’t have to eat that often and don’t believe in meal timing, which will lead to eating fewer calories and still enable you to lose weight. HOWEVER, in doing this, you will not lose the optimal amount of weight that you could have lost by spacing out 5-6 small meals!

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