What makes you fall off THE DIET?

The question is why do people stop a diet to begin with? Why do we fall off track?

We all get all excited, hung ho, and energized when we’re losing weight and inches and man we are just on a roll! We keep going and going and were still motivated and push, push, push and BAMMMMMMM! Brick wall: We plateau. Now we’re discouraged and get upset, crying, eating poorly, have a drink, skip a session, night off with he girls, eat poorly again, skip the gym again and poof you wake up and the weight is gained right back as if you never signed up for the gym.

The key is to stop yo-yo dieting and weight loss is simple. STAY MOTIVATED!! The secret is that you have to keep being consistent and when you see that plateau occur, just make slight changes and adjust the dieting or try a different exercise that you haven’t tried before to shock the muscle if you have gotten into a consistent routine at the gym. Just don’t give up!

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