We’re in the Final Month of 2020!

End your 2020 Strong!

We’re in the final month of 2020!

Whether or not this year has been drawn out longer than any year of your life, or felt like it’s disappeared beneath your feet, or it was a good year for you, we’re here. We have just days left to make a strong push to the finish line before we jump back on the horse. Let’s get our asses moving.

First, table your expectations for 2021. While we all want to be optimistic and assume it’ll be a full rebound, it’s smart to take stock of what worked and what didn’t in 2020 and start to consciously prepare for 2021. Start to ask yourself (and be honest); the following questions:

1) What went well in 2020?

2) What didn’t go well in 2020?

3) What was your biggest takeaway of 2020?

4) What am I grateful for right now to be in the position I’m in?

5) What can I do to make a push to end 2020 strong?

6) What do I need to do to set myself up for an incredible 2021?

These are great questions to put pen to paper on. We are ultimately responsible for our own decisions, and how we react to situations. This starts with managing our emotions, and I feel we have definitely had a lot of practice with this all year long. Need help improving your mood? Change your physical state (workout, run, take a freezing cold shower and yell as loud as you can, get upside down), change your environment as quickly as you can, this helps to reset your brain.

We are here to help. We are here to support. We are here to motivate, educate, and encourage. Join our Bootoga Online Wellness Academy and stay tuned for workshops, courses, retreats and more coming in the New Year.

Have a powerful last month of 2020 and celebrate your health, accomplishments and be in gratitude of family, friends and loved ones that surround you.

Much love to you all,



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