Trust the timing of your life…

Trust, Faith, Believe….

This is much easier said than done, at least for me. One of my biggest continual lessons in life is being patient. Anyone feel me?! We all go through challenges and the storms of life yet it’s at those times that we want everything to work out the exact way we want it and when we want it, yet not realizing we truly are not always ready for what we are asking for. 
So why do we resist trusting the timing of things in our life? 

Let’s visit the word Trust, a verb: trusted; trusting; trusts

Definition of trust
ato rely on the truthfulness or accuracy of to believe
bto place confidence in to rely
cto hope or expect confidently trusts that the problem will be resolved soon
d: assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something
e: dependence on something future or contingent: to Hope

As I read these definitions it brought me to memories where my trust in someone or a situation was broken, yet if I TRUSTED myself and my initial gut instinct it would not have happened. So how many times in life do we not TRUST ourselves and what’s best for ourselves? So then we go through some painful lessons and more growth hopefully becoming more wise and owning our ability to trust ourselves. 

We stand in our own way and block certain things to happen usually because we aren’t ready for them until we do the consistent work of loving ourselves enough to trust ourselves in the knowing that we deserve an amazing life and MORE. Interesting isn’t it… how it all comes back to ourselves.. yes, certain things happen that are out of our control but majority of it is our limiting beliefs and our society that strives for instant gratification that usually only lasts temporarily because our inner core work hasn’t been developed to love and truly appreciate it. 

It’s been this past year and a half that I had to believe in myself without a shadow of a doubt that I knew it was time for me to sell my “physical” gym space and move more into my purpose for a greater reach. There were many times I doubted myself and questioned whether or not I made the right decision but today I write this with 100% commitment that I made the right choice by trusting myself regardless of how hard it was for me emotionally, financially, and mentally. I chose to trust me and now after all the work I have done, many beautiful opportunities keep opening up more and more as I continue to trust myself. 
MY gym served a beautiful purpose in my life and I am forever grateful for all the lessons, laughter, amazing friendships, and growth yet just like we finish reading a book and close it, it’s been time to pick up the next new edition and create a whole new book of many new adventures! 

Cheers to TRUSTING the timing of our lives in 2019! 

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