“Train like a ROCK STAR”

We are so excited to announce our new project “Train like a ROCK STAR”!!

Jeanette and her celebrity client “B Real” from Cypress Hill have teamed up and created an awesome new workout program that they will be airing on his Breal.tv channel once a month.

B Real has been working with Jeanette for over 3 years now and has dropped over 40 lbs!!! He has made an amazing transformation and his energy and stamina levels have increased along with his overall health, wellness and fitness. His stage performances have also transformed… his energy is through the roof and fitness is now part of his lifestyle.

In “Train like a ROCK STAR” we will be showcasing the workouts and the movements that Jeanette creates and she will also talk about Nutrition. We will be putting a whole AMAZING program together for all of you to watch! Please feel free to give us your feedback and what you would like to see in upcoming episodes.

Here’s a 20 minute trailer of our Fitness Program!!! Thank you for watching and make sure to follow us to find out about our future episodes!! Click on our YouTube, Twitter and Facebook icons to the right of our blog and follow us!

Click on the link below to WATCH & ENJOY!!!


Train like a ROCK STAR!

Train like a ROCK STAR!

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