The Importance of Vacation

 Oahu, Hawaii 2014

Handstands create more energy and creativity!

Handstands creates passion and creativity! #Hawaii2014

Benefits of taking a vacation:
We all become so involved and overwhelmed with careers, family, obligations and just the run of the mill daily life that we tend to push vacation aside and don’t view it as a priority. Why is that? In other countries it’s the opposite, vacation or “holiday” as they call it, is their priority.
When we take some time away for ourselves we re-align with what truly matters most to us. We give our minds and bodies permission to relax, to have stillness and take in the beauty and wonders of the world. We allow our brains to shut off from the craziness and this in turn allows for new ideas, creativity and passion to flow.

I am a beach lover… I belong by the ocean! For me, it reconnects me to just how precious and beautiful life is. It calms me and reminds me that in the scheme of things my worries are merely my opportunity for growth, change and to evolve. I am reminded of gratitude for this beautiful world, I feel overwhelming love and a peacefulness that I know God truly intended for all of us to experience on a daily basis.
Next time you question yourself whether or not to take some time away… JUST GO and see how it shifts your focus on what really is important to you in life.  Namaste!


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