The Benefits of Workout Challenges

The Benefits of Workout Challenges

Think You’re Cut Out For Doing A Weight Loss Challenge?

By Siarra T. Mong

Workout challenges are designed to complement a balanced, and consistent fitness, and diet plan. The challenges strengthen our ability to follow through on the intentions we set. At the end of a challenge, you should expect to see measurable improvements with dedication to the challenge. You will be toner, leader, and healthier. A workout challenge aims to maximize muscle development, weight reduction, and increase your overall fitness level.

Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

A workout challenge creates an environment conducive to sculpt your body in a relatively short period of time without the drawbacks of non-maintainable methods like rapid weight loss programs or restrictive diets. By promoting good lifestyle habits, the results you see after a workout challenge are easier to maintain if you stay dedicated to your new lifestyle. With persistent work towards your health, and fitness goals you will achieve what you desire.

Balanced Meals

Do not underestimate the power of a meal plan designed for you. Without the right amount of food, and healthy diet you will find it much more challenging to achieve the body you want. Adopting a meal plan that works for you is crucial to your success. The best meal plan to complement a typical workout challenge would be a diet primarily of whole foods. Whole foods consist of lean protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats (like avocado, nuts, and seeds), fresh fruits, and vegetables. During a challenge, it is not recommended that you indulge in processed carbohydrates like cookies, cakes, chips, and the like. By doing this you increase your chances of reaching your goals, and creating a much healthier body by the end of the workout challenge.

Before making any changes to your diet, please, consult your physician to ensure the changes a challenge require are adoptable by you.

Easy to Stick To

A workout challenge creates extreme results because of its simplicity. It builds off of your current fitness practice to add the needed intensity to see maximum results in a short period of time. The typical workout challenge only requires that you eat the way you’re supposed to haha healthfully, increase your dedication to making your workouts, and maximize the amount of effort you give during your workouts.


The results! You will have no problem staying motivated when you see what you can accomplish when you stop self-sabotaging your fitness goals or see how the increased dedication has promoted dramatic changes in your body. Every day you will feel yourself being chiseled into the Adonis of your own making.

Gradual Weight Loss

To achieve your fitness goals in a well-balanced way is what a workout challenge hopes to promote. This kind of fitness plan is one of the safest to perform since it helps you to reduce your body fat, and body weight in a way that leans you out gradually. By achieving your fitness goals in a well-balanced way you are increasing your chances to maintain what you’ve achieved while becoming healthier.

Does not Discriminate

Nearly anyone who is looking we reduce their weight, increase their cardiovascular fitness, or strengthen their muscles can participate in a workout challenge at Extreme Results Fitness. We have a dedicated staff who are well versed in a variety of modifications for even the most common exercises. Also, we have top diet, and nutrition expert, Dr. Lori Shemek, on staff for those who need to personalize nutrition plans on their journey.

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