Thank You For Belize

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! 

There I was, 2 years ago, sitting in my gym longing to make a Global Impact for Health & Wellness in Mind, Body & Soul and not knowing how it would happen or even if it was possible.
I stand here today as an example of dreams coming true, a woman who just returned from her 1st AMAZING trip to Belize where I made a Global Impact for health and wellness and there are more trips to come that are already scheduled!!!
With that being said, I want to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who donated money, their time, their prayers, their support and love! You have not only made a tremendous impact on my life but to all those who I served and will continue to serve.
Lives were changed and there’s more EXCITING projects and programs in the works!
I go back out again in November and it just gets better and better! More information about the future upcoming trips are forthcoming.
This email is to say “THANK YOU” and show you a little bit of what transpired in beautiful Belize.

Here’s a quick peek from our Summer Enrichment Program of 2015!

We spent 10 days in Belize, there was 12 of us in Ambassador Shabazz’s delegation who created the Summer Enrichment Program for the children of Maskall Village.
Our first 3 days were spent meeting some high officials of Belize and learning about their culture, their weaknesses, their strengths and their plans for the future. We painted a beautiful wall for the YWCA and also had a ribbon cutting ceremony to dedicate this establishment to the helping of women and children who are in need.
We then proceeded to Maskall Village to prepare for our week long Summer Camp program for these children. Their ages ranged from 5-14 years of age, we taught to 50 children and what an experience! I personally taught Yoga, Meditation (guided visualizations of them feeling happy and empowered), Boot Camp, Nutrition and supported all of our other educators. The children welcomed our program with grateful hearts and arms opened wide to receive. In the process of giving I received much more than I ever imagined…. My story is to come…..!
Enjoy these images of the children who were proud to shout… “I AM BELIZE”!!!!!
The last day of camp… “I AM BELIZE”!!
The lovely and inspirational Ambassador Shabazz
The children of Maskall Village LOVED Boot Camp and Yoga!

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