Take back control of your Health!

It’s time to take the reigns back on your health!

It’s been a crazy time and stress levels are high, the unknown increases many emotions and with gyms closed, the lack of motivation to push ourselves starts to set in. So let’s get back to the basics!

SLEEP: What is your required amount of sleep per night to feel energized to accomplish the demands of your day? And do you get that amount? What changes need to taken to get the amount of sleep that you require to be your best? Our emotions with the unknowns of the day become more balanced when we have had a sufficient amount of sleep.

HYDRATION: Do you start your day and end your day with enough water? Do you keep track of how much makes your body feel refreshed? Have you had headaches, dry skin or scalp, hunger pains? Start to up your water intake and pay attention to how you feel. When we’re home more we tend to drink less water.

EXERCISE: Do you have a plan set each week for daily movement? Do you have time blocked off in your schedule for your self care? Do you need an accountability partner? What type of movement motivates you? Do you like to dance, run outdoors, enjoy yoga? Figure out what you enjoy and start more of that until you have created the daily movement habit.

NUTRITION: What types of food help you feel energized for the demands of your day? What type of foods do you normally gravitate to? Do you have healthy habits or unhealthy habits? Do you keep a food journal? It’s proven that keeping track of all your meals in a food journal helps for us to see where we may be lacking or that we may need more of a balanced diet. Try it out for 7 days straight and see what you find.

MINDSET: What does the conversation you have with yourself each day sound like? Do you have a regular morning routine to start off your day? Do you have a meditation practice, or support group to lean on when having a rough day? Do you have positive affirmations that help you? Having some kind of mindset practice at the beginning of our day helps tremendously to get us in the right frame of mind for our day. Starting a simple 5-10 minute morning habit connected to a habit you already have will help to keep this practice going!

Of all these five areas, which one speaks to you the most? When you can pinpoint an area weakness it’s easier to start to find solutions such as keeping a glass of water by your bed so you drink it first thing in the morning, or setting the alarm 15 minutes earlier so you can start a morning meditation practice. Whatever it is, know that our well-being is all connected, drinking more water may help your sleeping pattern, exercise may help alleviate your stress level and affect your mindset for the better… it’s fitness of mind, body and soul.

Life is a series of next steps.. today will be the best day ever, if you make it so! Please take advantage of my next eBook, The Wellness Remodel, Reboot your SOUL…. comes out August 7th!

Much love, health and happiness ALWAYS! -Jeanette


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