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Rest, Reflect & Renew during this time

I have chosen this time of quarantine as much needed rest, reflection and renewal.
I am truly grateful for this time to sleep in, allowing my mind and body to rest, I am grateful for my online membership to allow me to continue serve my clients and anyone else who is in need. I am grateful for technology and learning new skills during this time. I am grateful to catch up on my reading, to-do lists, and even a little Netflix binge watching that I don’t normally get to do and I am grateful for some new energy! 

I want to share with you 5 ways to have more energy throughout the day!

1) Get good sleep! 
A good nights sleep helps the body and mind recover from the stresses of the day and sustains your levels of energy.

2) Establish a morning routine. 
How your start the day sets the trajectory for how the rest of your day will unfold. Think of inspiring ways to get you out of the bed each morning.
Living room dance party anyone?! 

3) Perform self massage. 
It’s a great form of self love and effective way to clear energy channels in the body by moving & dislodging toxins. 

4) Breathe deep! 
Next time you feel low on energy take a deep breath. It connects the mind with the body and reawakens vitality.. ! 

5) Have some FUN! 
It’s easy to forget how important it is to have FUN and get a little silly especially when you can’t change a situation but we can change our reaction to it and seek out experience to boost your energy and clear your mind. 

In addition to the five ideas above, don’t forget to pay attention to your eating habits. The different foods you put in your body can also affect your energy levels. Try to eat healthy, with leafy greens that are full of nutrients to give you a boost. Try to drink green tea to achieve a more natural energy boost, or stick to water and add lemon or orange or cucumbers to your water for an immunity boost. 
All in all… get creative and have fun!

Stay healthy, rested, and take this time as a period of renewal of your Mind, Body and Soul. 

Stay healthy and energized! 

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