Refine your Skill

Refine your SKILL… Develop, Grow and Breakaway 

Labels…. why do we care about labels so much? Why do we want to label people, things, and situations? What in us causes this need to label everyone we meet and everything we see?

I recently sold my gym business that I’ve had for over 10 years to pursue my fitness method “Bootoga®” that I created in 2014 and officially trademarked in 2015. My heart and soul wanted to expand beyond the walls that I thought I had always wanted. As I progressed in life and in my own personal development I realized I never wanted the 4 walls of my gym to define me, I knew my purpose was greater, that I needed to share my skills and talents with the world on a whole new level. This is why I created Bootoga®, I wanted to pass on the true meaning of Fitness, which is to be fit in your mind, your body and your soul with freedom! We are such multifaceted beings yet we continue to “label” ourselves as one or two things.

After letting go of my gym I am now learning not to attach roles or identities that may have held great importance to me or others relating to me. There’s nothing wrong to the roles we attach to ourselves or others but we limit ourselves to these roles and we need to learn that these “roles” are not who we are but simply an expression of a piece of us. We are so much more dynamic than the labels, roles, and identities that we give ourselves and others. It can be tricky to avoid getting stuck in the “roles” that others expect from you. Example: I am more than a gym owner, fitness professional, Pro bikini model, coach, instructor, business owner, author, daughter, friend, etc…

I am now learning to REFINE my skills.. which to me means re-discovering more of myself, beyond the person I have considered myself to be up until now. For this to happen we must be willing to allow the many and varied faces of our being to begin to emerge on our awareness and be well with accepting ALL that we are.

We are constantly developing, growing and there’s times when we need to BREAKAWAY from what we know to experience all the new that we are creating and to allow and trust the process.

Once we do this, this opens up tremendous freedom of choice and possibility in life which can be both exhilarating and terrifying. At some point in life we have to let go of the fears of our old “labels” that have trapped us in certain roles and identities. It’s time to allow the new, more fulfilling and truthful self emerge and be free. It is when we can accept and allow this process that we will BREAKAWAY from our old limitations and start living a life of passion and true purpose.

Growth from within is the most challenging but yet so rewarding if you don’t give up!

For more tools and guidance on this please join me for my 4 week online Champion Mindset Workshop that starts tonight from 7-9 pm. The benefit to you is to rediscover yourself in a new way and to life your best life without limitations. Invest in yourself, that’s the best investment you can ever make! 

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