Radiate Confidence

Radiate Confidence

It has been a whirlwind these few months, my passion book project was finally released and we hit #1 Amazon Best Seller in 6 categories after a year in the making! What a great achievement yet exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. I finally had some time to sit at the beach and take it all in. I had no idea this would bring up so many emotions. I’ve been receiving text messages, emails, pictures of people with their books all thanking me for what I had created. They couldn’t put the book down and it helped re-inspire people to take charge of their life again.I began to cry tears of joy, what I had wanted to share for so long was now making an impact on so many people. There are times we overlook what we have created and we need to take a step back and “be” with the emotion, the accomplishment and the love. I thank God daily for the vision he gave me, for the confidence to believe that I could do this and for the courage it took to press on throughout the twelve months that I worked at it. Our accomplishments show us time and time again the amazing strength, courage, wisdom and confidence we truly have inside, some days we may not see or feel it but it’s always there. I want to encourage you today to finish whatever project you are working on, stay connected to your “why” and press on knowing that you have the confidence and strength to complete it.

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