Protect the woman you are becoming…

Everything has changed and yet I am more of myself than I have ever been!

These past 3 years have been some of the biggest lessons of my life. These lessons were not easy by any means, they caused me major discomfort, they forced me to look at everything from a different perspective, to learn how to truly listen to a person, to listen to my heart and not my head, to have faith when what was in plain sight made no logical sense. These lessons caused me to trust my intuition, my gut and each time I did it never was wrong.  I have learned how to let go of relationships that no longer served me, I released my gym business and merged with another gym, I have completely shifted a lot of my focus from physical fitness to mental, emotional and spiritual fitness, I wrote a book that became a Best Seller on Amazon in 6 categories, I have spoken on some amazing large stages with mentors I’ve always looked up to, I’ve had heart break and cried and cried until I finally had no more tears to give.

I would pray and ask God “Why do you think I’m so strong to handle all of this….because I honestly don’t understand any of this!?!” And yet for some reason this would bring me some peace for I knew deep inside I had the strength and courage to endure whatever I was going through.

The same questions kept coming… I the “teacher” became the “student” over and over again… asking myself & God, what is my lesson in this situation, what is the opportunity for growth and what is it that I need to learn to move on to my next phase? What do I need to let go of? What do I need to give up? How can I surrender to love and not fear? Who do I need to forgive? Can I forgive myself? How can I find comfort in the discomfort?

It was in those questions and moments with myself that the focus on my breathe became alive…. I allowed myself to listen. Listen to nature, the whispers of the winds, the birds, my heart, my prayers to God and his words back to me, and I felt the beauty of truly being alive as a strong woman with a very high purpose in this world. With a great calling/purpose comes great responsibility, I had to ask myself… was I really ready for this responsibility? The answer was YES! Once I said Yes I knew why these last few years were so challenging. Sometimes we aren’t ready, or don’t feel ready for what we are called to do or to be in this world but we are only prolonging the immense feeling of what it’s like to truly feel alive, to live purposefully. It’s no longer time just to survive, it’s time to THRIVE and live with passion.

Right now I am extremely protective of the woman I’ve become and I’m still becoming, there is no more time to tolerate things, people, or circumstances of past patterns. It’s time to RISE and BE who I was called to be in this world. Victory is in my veins and in yours!

May your 2018 shower blessings and awareness in every part of your life.

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