Strength & Grace.. Finding the Balance

It’s now September, can you believe it?! It’s my birthday month and if there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout the years, it’s that there is no point in dwelling on the past and allowing it to keep defining you.

We all seem to reflect on birthdays and think we should be farther along in our life, or.. my life wasn’t supposed to end up this way. There comes a point where you finally accept where you are and know that everything in life that has happened was for a purpose and you start to accept, embrace and love exactly where you are. Does that mean everything is perfect? Absolutely not, yet you come to accept your life lessons and appreciate it all. It’s now learning how to be present, moment by moment, day by day. 

I’ve learned when you are present, you can activate the infinite possibilities for yourself. Yes, it is possible to master your ability and find symmetry between what you need now and what you are creating for tomorrow. Today I started to journal and reflect on exactly what I want to focus on for my birthday month of September and also for the rest of the year.  

Here are a few essential tips to help you focus on your September goals for clarity: 

1) Check-in with yourself often.

How you feel determines what you create. This is why it is important to check in with your emotional well-being. Think about it; when you are unhappy, it isn’t easy to create joy or enthusiasm. When you are overwhelmed, it is difficult to develop solutions. Emotions can dictate what you generate.

2) Focus on satisfaction.

Many people are goal-oriented, and that keeps them focused on results. Yes, some tasks are mundane and necessary, but it is vital to find a positive emotion as you work toward your dreams. To do this, seek the satisfaction that comes from working on what you want and be grateful for opportunities to work on your solutions. If what you are doing brings you closer to the happiness you want, this will bring you joy.

3) Acknowledge your progress.

While you work on your dreams, you must find moments to acknowledge, celebrate, and embrace your progress. Being grateful for how far you have advanced will help you maintain who you are. It is easy to get distracted, only focusing on manifestations, but being that single-minded keeps you from enjoying the miracles on the journey. The concentration on progress will keep you going when you feel unmotivated. 

4) Accept your responsibility for your happiness.

You control your energy; accept responsibility for your overall well-being. Your emotional, physical, and spiritual health is your own to manage. Make the time daily to connect and align with these three aspects of yourself. Only you can maintain a healthy balance with who you are and where you are going.  You are the one capable of giving yourself everything that you need and dream of. You are important, and you deserve a lot. You are solely responsible for your joy and liberation. You are meant to do all and have all. Now go after your ALL for September and the rest of the 2020! 

Much love to you all and HAPPY SEPTEMBER! 

3 Tips on How to give your diet a quick makeover!

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Let’s talk about food and gut health!

I’ve been receiving a lot of emails and messages about nutrition and eating plans. We have all been eating or drinking a little more during these past 5 months of quarantine and it’s time to clean it up.

I’m giving 3 TIPS out of my 15 tips on how to give your diet a quick makeover.

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1️⃣ Drink more water. Keep a glass of water by your bed and drink it first thing in the morning and drink one full glass of water before each meal. If you find this difficult, start to carry or leave a 2 liter bottle somewhere where you spend the most of your day and drink from it regularly. Have it be the only liquid in your area. Continue to fill it up.

2️⃣ Respect your digestion system. Try to eat regularly throughout the day and stop and sit down to eat to encourage good gut bugs to thrive. Start eating less of the “not so kind” foods for your gut which are fried foods, pizza, loaded burgers, packaged meats, sugary foods and artificial sweeteners. We have so many yummy plants, fruits, veggies to help replace these with.

3️⃣ Make probiotics a regular part of your lifestyle Eat at least one to two servings of fermented products every day. (Kefir, kombucha, probiotic shots) Invest in the best quality probiotic supplement you can afford. Your gut and overall health will thank you.
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How to Trust the Process of your Life!

How to Trust the Process…. (of your life)

You hear the phrase all the time, trust the process. But what does it really mean? When things don’t go our way, and we don’t get the results we want, the process makes us seem unhappy. The issue here is embracing that not everything is in our control. If we would take a moment to look back at all the times we survived and thrived through what didn’t work out, we know we will be okay and that there is a bigger plan for us ahead when things don’t turn out exactly how we would like. 

Trusting the process is about learning to relax and enjoy the present moment. It’s learning not to compare your journey with someone else’s, it’s staying focused on you and being present to your life path.

So what is the process?

The process is where you discover your value. It is where you overcome the things that hold you back from achieving your true desires. The process is about learning who you are and what you are capable of doing and being. Once you discover what you want and believe that it is possible, you will keep going for your dreams. Trusting the process is about understanding that your journey is helping you get to where you want to go and who you want to be.

How do you trust the process?

1) Develop your resilience.

Remember, no matter what happens, life teaches you something to move onto the next level. Yes, adversity will happen, but the faster you face it and learn the lesson, the more equipped you will be to move on. The only thing that is constant in life is change. Resilient people surrender to uncertainty. Finding the purpose in your setback helps you focus on solutions and not problems. It is the most important part of trusting the process. Learn to PIVOT. 

2) Embrace your unknown.

We all want to understand, find reasons for our experiences, or take control. Occasionally we can make no sense of where we are and where we should go. When you feel completely lost about your future, you will have to live life moment to moment, until the answers are made clear. Sometimes a moment of uncertainty is created for you to step back and decide on what you want. This is another part of the process. Getting clear on where you want to go comes from the moments of the unknown. This pandemic has been our biggest teacher to this point. 

3) Focus on what makes you happy.

When you are in doubt about your future or what you want, put your energy into what makes you happy and brings you true internal joy. Don’t know what makes you happy? Make the time to discover it. Finding what makes you feel good is like a compass to what will bring you success. Pursuing your joy will help you find your purpose. Finding your purpose is part of the process. I talk about this in my latest eBook, The Wellness Remodel, Reboot your Soul. 

4) Practice gratitude.

How you see the twists and turns in your life can make or break who you are. Remember, the process is about becoming who you need to be to achieve the success you want. Dwelling on regrets will leave you feeling depleted and unmotivated. Learning from past mistakes can empower you. Gratitude for all experiences is part of the process that keeps you moving forward. Be in gratitude for new opportunities that appear, never stay in the “regret” mindset. You will see the beauty and clarity of why it all happened the way it did.

Life will always challenge you, and that is what it is about. When you trust the process, you release the grip of control which allows you to flow better with it, not against it. Appreciate where you are and how far you have traveled. Keep learning, and you will keep winning.

Each day you are alive you have already WON! 

Much love, health and happiness,

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Take back control of your Health!

It’s time to take the reigns back on your health!

It’s been a crazy time and stress levels are high, the unknown increases many emotions and with gyms closed, the lack of motivation to push ourselves starts to set in. So let’s get back to the basics!

SLEEP: What is your required amount of sleep per night to feel energized to accomplish the demands of your day? And do you get that amount? What changes need to taken to get the amount of sleep that you require to be your best? Our emotions with the unknowns of the day become more balanced when we have had a sufficient amount of sleep.

HYDRATION: Do you start your day and end your day with enough water? Do you keep track of how much makes your body feel refreshed? Have you had headaches, dry skin or scalp, hunger pains? Start to up your water intake and pay attention to how you feel. When we’re home more we tend to drink less water.

EXERCISE: Do you have a plan set each week for daily movement? Do you have time blocked off in your schedule for your self care? Do you need an accountability partner? What type of movement motivates you? Do you like to dance, run outdoors, enjoy yoga? Figure out what you enjoy and start more of that until you have created the daily movement habit.

NUTRITION: What types of food help you feel energized for the demands of your day? What type of foods do you normally gravitate to? Do you have healthy habits or unhealthy habits? Do you keep a food journal? It’s proven that keeping track of all your meals in a food journal helps for us to see where we may be lacking or that we may need more of a balanced diet. Try it out for 7 days straight and see what you find.

MINDSET: What does the conversation you have with yourself each day sound like? Do you have a regular morning routine to start off your day? Do you have a meditation practice, or support group to lean on when having a rough day? Do you have positive affirmations that help you? Having some kind of mindset practice at the beginning of our day helps tremendously to get us in the right frame of mind for our day. Starting a simple 5-10 minute morning habit connected to a habit you already have will help to keep this practice going!

Of all these five areas, which one speaks to you the most? When you can pinpoint an area weakness it’s easier to start to find solutions such as keeping a glass of water by your bed so you drink it first thing in the morning, or setting the alarm 15 minutes earlier so you can start a morning meditation practice. Whatever it is, know that our well-being is all connected, drinking more water may help your sleeping pattern, exercise may help alleviate your stress level and affect your mindset for the better… it’s fitness of mind, body and soul.

Life is a series of next steps.. today will be the best day ever, if you make it so! Please take advantage of my next eBook, The Wellness Remodel, Reboot your SOUL…. comes out August 7th!

Much love, health and happiness ALWAYS! -Jeanette

3 Ways to get Motivated at work when you feel “Stuck”

Do you feel “Stuck”?

You might even be finding yourself at a job you normally love but just a bit burnt out. Maybe you haven’t had the time to focus on yourself, pursue any of your passions, or simply haven’t had the energy to bring your full self into work each day. This can cause you to resent the job you usually enjoy doing. What’s happening in the world is affecting many of us and our motivation.

Here are 3 strategies to get “unstuck” and find motivation:

1️⃣ Get physical
Your physical state often determines your mental state. Ever feel better after exercise? When our physical capacity grows so does our mental capacity. Take time out in NATURE!

2️⃣ Start asking questions
When we feel stuck, it’s often because we ask ourselves questions we don’t know the answers to. Think on that for a moment. Be open to explore your innermost feelings.

3️⃣ Pursue a side passion
If you have a “side hustle” idea, pursuing some work in this area can boost creativity and help you connect patterns from things you’re interested to learn about. Even if the idea doesn’t go anywhere, you’ll still have learned valuable lessons about the type of work you were doing.

For more tips and strategies to rebooting your mindset and more, click on link below for my new eBook series, The Wellness Remodel. 

Let’s take this time to continue our growth and pivots in our life for the better!

5 Tips to stay active and motivated during Quarantine!

Let’s stay active, healthy & connected!

Movement is KEY for your mind and body!

It’s been quite a few weeks… would you agree? Around this time is when we need to stay consistent with our health and wellness program or we may notice our motivation lessening as time goes by during our current #stayathome protocol. 

Today I’m sharing 5 tips to keep you going, to get you re-inspired and to let you know that you are not alone! We are in this together so let’s support and encourage each other as we make our way through this. 

TIP #1- Be Accountable to someone or to a program. Stay connected. 
We all need some accountability in our lives to complete certain things in our life. Health and wellness is no different, in fact, it’s one of the biggest areas that we as humans need accountability in. Enroll someone with you in your home and workout together, or connect with a friend via Facetime, Zoom or other ways and set up a “workout hour” together and motivate one another. Join a Zoom workout group, show up and workout live with other people. There are so many options online now.. find one that fits your needs and timeframe and commit to it. Partner up, this helps your partner and yourself! 

TIP #2- DANCE it out! 
Music is healing! Start your morning with this or to help get yourself out of a funk. Turn on a great song and just dance your heart out or sing aloud and watch your mood elevate almost instatnly! Dancing is proven to help boost your mood, ease anxiety and causes a release of feelgood endorphins into the bloodstream. One more benefit is that it helps reduce levels of cortisol – a stress hormone, and we’ve had plenty of these lately. So what are you waiting for? DANCE it out! 

TIP #3- Switch up your routine! 
MIX it up!! Variety is the spice of life. Performing the same exercise routines over and over can get boring. Take it outside, walk your neighborhood and perform 5 squats and/or 5 pushups at every tree you pass, go online and do a workout from one of your favorite fitness trainers or celebrity trainers, learn a new exercise, maybe shadow boxing, Bootoga® or pilates. Switch it up and your body will thank you, muscle confusion helps our body grow and develop different muscles and in the process you may find a new exercise you never thought you would enjoy.

TIP #4- Noursh yourself with new healthy recipes
It’s understandable that people just stick to what they know. So how about taking an online cooking class, learn how to get more veggies in your life at dinner or breakfast. Learn how to cook a new cuisine, make it healthy and delicious which will provide you with more long lasting energy for your mind and body. Make it fun and take an online cooking class with your kids or spouse/partner and see who makes it better. Add some FUN into nourishing yourself… I promise your body will thank you. 

TIP #5- Be WELL, meditate, take quiet time
Having a strong relationship with our inner experience—our thoughts, desires, fears, plans, outcomes—is an important part of living a well-designed life. Take time to meditate daily, have your own personal quiet time, take a walk out in nature to clear your mind, calm your soul and bring peace to your heart. Then, journal to track and organize your thoughts and plans, daily actions, daily feelings or emotions and also outcomes. It is powerful to have a way to get out all of our thoughts and feelings without judgement and to release it on paper. When in silence of meditation/prayer, ask for insight, and for direction in your life.. when we are in a space of quiet we are able to hear things, our inner voice that we are normally to busy to listen to.

I hope one or all of these TIPS resonated with you in one way or another. 

Much love, health and happiness always! 

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A journey is never a straight line…

Has this quarantine enabled you to go deep with yourself?

Do you want to go back to how you were before this happened or has something unveiled itself to you and you’re making some changes? 
Reflection has definitely been a big part of my quarantine and I’m realizing how ingrained it is in my consciousness to always be working on “becoming” more, rather than enjoy “being” who I am presently. 

We’re always caught up in becoming more, achieving more, having more, and so on… and while that is certainly great and a part of life, we lose sight of the here and now. The true nectar of life lies in the ability to be awestruck at the recognition of what already is, of who we already are. 

I’ve realized I want to start measuring my accomplishments by collecting moments. I want more moments where I’m totally present with the humans I care about that are right in front of me. These past weeks I have felt how deep the conditioning is that we must continue to build and collect more certificates, more reviews, more money. Yet, perhaps the greatest accomplishment of all will be to remember that we are already enough and to truly live life from that truth. 

So I leave you with two questions that I myself have pondered during this time..
1) What would this look like?
2) How would it feel? 

 Stay uplifted my friends and much love and health to you all! 

What I have learned so far…

What I have learned through COVID-19 Quarantine

Here we all are…in a Global Pandemic that we have never seen or experienced before in this way; our WORLD as we knew it has been shut down. 
It has caused me, like I am sure it has caused you; to reflect, to dive deep, to ask yourself some questions. Or maybe it hasn’t, yet we are all in this together, we truly are all connected and this has affected OUR WORLD!
Our World is changing, we are changing, and when this is “over” do you want to go back to your same way of living or being? 

What I have learned so far during this Quarantine:

1) I had taken many of our freedoms and liberties for granted. I miss my family and my friends deeply, which has grown my appreciation for all of this unbelievably more than words can express! 

2) I am so GRATEFUL for all the simple and small things in my life… and for all of our front-line people out there everyday serving us! I thank and honor you! 

3) This has caused me to be even more creative and resourceful! I have had an online platform with my Bootoga membership site, but everything now has caused me to learn more, take some online courses, practice the tricks and tips of editing, & filming more content that I’ve been putting off. I have pushed my own creative limits to continue to serve my clients and community to stay healthy and active during this time. 

4) I have learned to give and receive on a whole new level, and being with the beauty that it brings. 

5) This time has caused me to be PRESENT with myself on a whole different level. I have been with all my emotions, thoughts, things I have been procrastinating on, old beliefs, healing, writing, journaling, praying, and meditating; all of which have been upped ten fold and so eye opening on so many levels. I have learned to be gentle and okay with having some good days and some not so good days yet to appreciate the lesson or message of the day. 

6) I have learned a deeper love, appreciation & friendship for my fiance as we go through this together… it has been the best form of pre-marital counseling in my perspective. Ha! 

7) I have learned to have more compassion for people. We are all going through this together yet with different conditions and perspectives; some of us with kids at home, some have lost their jobs, some are going through this home alone, and some working even more, whether from home or showing up to a location.

8) I have learned that either I change or I repeat the patterns of my life. I choose a true transformation in Mind, Body and Soul.


What have you learned so far? 

I end this with a beautiful quote that spoke to me:
“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.” —Wayne W. Dyer

When we can’t go outside, it’s time to go within. 
I pray you find peace during this time. 

Much LOVE and HEALTH to you all!