Paddle Fit Certified!!!

SupLove Paddle Boards

SupLove Paddle Boards


So proud to announce that I am a Brand Ambassador for SupLove!!!

This is an amazing company who is fully committed to the continued growth & development of this versatile & wonderful sport.                                        Passionate about SUP’s rich culture & ever-growing lifestyle, They embrace opportunities in which we can expand SUP’s visibility                                                      & support its vibrant community of paddlers… & always will!

Happy to announce I survived Level 1 and Level 2 PaddleFit certifications!!!

It was one of the most FUN and EXCITING certifications ever! I just fell in love with SUP (Stand Up Paddle) boarding this year. I was introduced to it by a friend and became instantly HOOKED! It was a great workout, fun and a new challenge and experience for me and if you know me…I’m always up to new goals and challenges to achieve!!!

Stay tuned for upcoming classes and Destination Fitness Retreats with paddle fitness!

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