One of my favorite Beauty Secrets…An amazing Spray Tan!

One of my favorite Beauty Secrets! An amazing Spray Tan! One of my favorite Beauty Secrets! An amazing Spray Tan!

One of my necessities for Bikini season, photo shoots, Celebrations, beach parties, and Summer Outings is my SPRAY TAN!
Airbrush Spray tanning does wonders, it accentuates your glow, gives a tighter appearance of your skin, smooths out  any uneven color and just makes you feel fabulous and NO UV Rays! We have our own spray tan service right inside our beautiful gym! A ONE STOP SHOP!
Click on our link and see prices and packages for this amazing service by us…J.O. Tropix!
What is Airbrush Tanning?
Tanning occurs when the skin produces pigment to protect itself from UV rays and permanent skin damage. In airbrush tanning, the tanning solution is applied by a technician using a compressor and airbrush. Their tanning solutions contain the active ingredient DHA that reacts with the outer layer of skin to produce a bronze effect, similar to what a traditional tan does. For most solutions, the color of the skin will continue to darken after the initial application, and the maximum color is reached within about a 10 hour period. Typical solutions have a cosmetic bronzer that is sprayed on the skin that will provide an immediate tan effect. This feature is great because it allows the client to have the “instant-gratification” of immediate color before the actual solution is in full effect.The majority of this cosmetic bronzer will be washed off when taking the first shower after the application. Some frequently asked questions are found on our f.a.q. sheet and will be given to you prior to your appointment. This will allow you to be fully prepared for your airbrush tanning session and have you be 100% confident that the end result is exactly what you are looking for and expecting it to be like. Thank you so much for your interest in J.O. Tropix Airbrush Tanning Services and we look forward to servicing all your tanning needs.
Happy Tanning!
Jeanette Ortega

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