Nature Hike With ERF At Rocky Peak

Nature Hike With ERF At Rocky Peak Park


Nature Hike At Rocky Peak Park with ERF Trainers Melissa May & Kelley Shaw

This Saturday, September 17th, at Rocky Peak Park at 8am SHARP

This is a nature hike with our experienced trainers, and outdoor enthusiast, Melissa, and Kelley. They will take you on a refreshing early morning hike around the beautiful Rocky Peak Park. Reconnect with nature in our very own Santa Susana Mountains. See the sandstone boulders, outcroppings, oak savannahs, and perennial water sources which provide diverse habitat for birds, mammals, and reptiles.
You don’t want to miss this!


  1. Exit at the Rocky Peak exit
  2. Westbound (118)
    1. Turn right into the parking lot
    2. If it’s full, turn left to go over the overpass
    3. Park along Santa Susana Pass (There will be other cars parked here)
  3. Eastbound (118)
    1. Turn left to the parking lot or right to park on the pass
  4. Trailhead is to the right once you are in the parking lot.
  5. Do NOT block fire gate!

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