My Lessons from having Covid-19


My lessons of having Covid-19:

✅ I am very present to gratitude for my body and my health. I had flu symptoms for about 3 days (I’m on Day 10) then each day after they started to subside. I realized how healthy my body is and that it fights to protect me and keep me well.

✅ I was given this opportunity to rest, sleep, stay in silence, pray, meditate, catch up on some online workshops, catch up on my online wellness academy to-do list, read, snuggle with my pup, cuddle with the hubs (yes, he tested positive also but no symptoms), and be in gratitude for my beautiful home that’s been keeping us safe.

✅ I lost taste and smell and this taught me how we take all of our senses for granted. I have a newfound appreciation for the simplest of smells, tastes, and enjoyments that I have been missing.

✅ I have been praying like never before for the healing and health of my parents and my in-laws as they battle this virus and seeing first hand how this affects our older community at a much deeper level.

✅ As this poem reads below: I’ve been loving my body more just as it is, doing less and seeing the beauty and strength in every imperfection that I now view as a sign of a warrior who has overcome.

All in all… there’s MORE in doing LESS and having time for silence which brings forth a lot of clarity in life.
For this I say Thank you, and I will continue to take care of my vessel in gratitude for all that it has provided.

Many blessings to you all. Stay healthy and stay positive, for this too shall pass.

Lessons from Covid-19… Jeanette

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