Live your best life….


How many times have we seen this hashtag? Or #livingmybestlife…? 
Are people truly living their best lives or their best moment? And do they only show the facade of what they want people to see and perceive of them? My vote is yes, we all do that. This is why social media causes depression among many striving to live their best life but can’t live up to others perceived “photos”. This is why there is so much greatness in candid photos, videos, and life shots… it shows the truth and beauty of what is happening “in the now”. 

I recently attended the One Love Reggae Festival in Long Beach and enjoyed myself fully. I love the energy of people all gathered in one place to dance and listen to music that moves their heart and soul. I was dancing yet I saw something that didn’t just strike my eyes but also my heart.. I captured a picture of these two beautiful souls. I honestly don’t care if you are against smoking weed or not, can you just look at this picture and see the beauty of it instead of being judgmental of your own opinions or past experiences? 
All I saw was pure bliss, people living their best “moment” with each other, with themselves and also with every other person at that event.
We are all connected in one way or another; we all experience joy, pain, heartache, anger, laughter and so much more at many points in our life experience, yet this capture spoke to my heart and soul. 
It’s the most simplest things and experiences in life that bring us pure bliss. It’s not how much money we have, what we drive, what we do for a living, or what zip code we live in, it’s laying out in nature with people we enjoy, it’s listening to music, it’s in holding the hand of someone you cherish, it’s in the smiles of people dancing and enjoying themselves, it’s letting go and JUST BEING YOU! 
I believe this is why festivals are so popular, people take off the daily masks of their perceived lives and become free to be themselves amongst many others who feel the same. I am no stranger to music festivals, each one I attend I seem to peel off another layer of a self limiting belief I had been holding onto that was not my belief but the beliefs of society, or my family, etc. 
We start to become more and more in tune with our true inner being then we come back to our daily world where everything has stayed the same yet somehow we are completely transformed from the inside out. How do we now navigate the daily drudges of life when we just experienced true bliss? 
My thought process: continue to live your best life moment by moment, and be in gratitude for those moments that take your breath away, keep your real candid moments fresh in your heart and visit them daily so that you keep the excitement for the new ones you are about to create! 

Be free and live your own bliss… ! 

Health and Happiness always, 
Jeanette….  a lover of life

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