Life of a Competitor

This past weekend was such a success!  My Ortega Hunnies & Hunkie ROCKED the stage! There is no greater feeling than the feeling of accomplishment. This journey was none other than amazing and I couldn’t be more proud of my team. Their hard work, sacrifice, determination and diligence definitely paid off.

Fitness competing is a very challenging  journey both mentally and physically, yet to me the journey is more important than reaching the destination. You discover so much about yourself and about others around you, you realize you are much more capable of achieving a goal than you ever imagined. This empowers you to strive for any goal and that anything is possible with ACTION and never giving up!!

It was their first time competing and they are ready for their next experience!! They are excited about their upcoming show in VEGAS, November 2014! GO HUNNIES and HUNKIE!!!!!! 

If you are interested in competing and/or joining our team please contact Jeanette or Kelley for more information at 818-488-4333!

Ortega Hunnies May 2014

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