Kitchen Makeover Boot Camp! Are “Abs” made in the kitchen?

Let Kitchen Boot Camp help you!

Keep your “Abs” year long!

Yes…it is possible to keep your “Abs” with you all year long. HOW you ask? Eating clean is of course my 1st answer but creating a healthy lifestyle and learning balance in your life is the KEY!

I competed in fitness and bikini federations for 10 years…I loved my ABS on stage, they were ripped, had a life of their own and made me feel the most confident ever! I knew I could not maintain the depth and strict definition of them due to a very low calorie diet for competing BUT I knew they could remain and I was determined yo make them a permanent fixture on my physique.

I monitored my diet, added foods back in and kept a food journal of what worked with my body and what didn’t…what foods made me bloated? What kept my energy high and my stomach lean? How was my digestion? I started to incorporate A LOT of yoga and felt amazing with all the detox twists and digestion was on HIGH!! I made sure to include many dark green veggies in all my meals, Drank 1 gallon of water per day and herbal teas, exercised everyday, included cheat meals here and there and paid VERY CLOSE attention to how that affected my body, some cheat meals were terrific for me, others not so well so I and made sure I journaled EVERYTHING! I was determined to know what worked FOR ME and what didn’t, how I felt, where my ABS still there, was I tired, was I feeling great, was I moody? EVERYONE is different, we are not all made from the same cut so how can you expect to have the same results as someone else using a cookie cutter plan? YOU CAN’T!

Guess what…YOU NEED to know your own body and do the work! That’s the problem these days, people don’t want to do the work or their excuse is “I don’t have time”, we all have time, it’s all about priorities and scheduling. Is it hard? YES! Is it something that has to be consistent? YES! BUT IS IT WORTH IT? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You must decide how badly you want to healthy and fit… not just physically but mentally and spiritually. Our Mind, Body and Soul (Spirit) are all’s about well being not just physical fitness… the physical fitness will be become stronger and leaner when the mind and spirit are also in sync!

Take the challenge of becoming a WELLNESS CHAMPION FOR LIFE for yourself and your family! What greater gift then the gift of HEALTH… Health is Wealth in Mind, Body & Soul!

Take a look at our “Kitchen Makeover Boot Camp” program coming up…

I personally come to your house for 4 hours, raid your kitchen (in a nice way), go over what you have, how you can make it healthier and then take your shopping to re-stock your kitchen with healthier, delicious foods and recipes! If interested contact me ASAP and book your Kitchen Makeover Boot camp TODAY!! Get ready for Summer in a healthy way!



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