Kickstart Your Fitness For 2015: Part 2

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 Kickstart Your Fitness For 2015: Part 2
3. Assess Your Progress
Now that you have designed your plan, which is your road map to your goal, it’s time to talk about staying on track until you get there.
Staying with the road trip from Los Angeles to New York analogy, you need to make sure that you are going the right way. If you see that you are driving straight to the beach, you know that you need to turn around to get to New York.
It’s the same with your goals. You need to check in every 1-2 weeks to make sure that you are on the right path. This may include weekly measurements of your body or it could be running a little further and/or faster than you did last week. It all depends on your goal as to what type of mini check-ins you need to do.
So pick a day each week that you will assess your progress. This is crucial to your success. It also helps to keep a written log of your progress, which reinforces your forward movement and keeps you accountable. This is a huge confidence and motivation builder!
If you really want to raise the stakes, choose an accountablility partner. This can be a friend, training partner, or a fitness professional. It is someone that you will report to every week. The simple fact of knowing that someone will be checking your results, can give you that added boost to overcome moments of weakness.
4. Adjust As Necessary
No matter how good your plan is, you will have to re-adjust at some point. If you are on your way to New York and there is a free way closed, then you need to readjust, you can’t just bulldoze your way through the barricade-although some people try.
Life is meant to be a “flow.” You want to go with what your body is doing and not against it. This may mean that you need to eat more fruits and vegetables to reach your ideal body size or maybe it means that you need to run less miles, but run them faster to meet your goals. A professional can help you with your adjustments. Sometimes a little tweak can make a huge difference.
If you are not getting the results that you want at a reasonable rate, then you just need to adjust. There is always a better way and finding the better way is the fun stuff!
5. Enjoy the journey!
This blog was started with the theme of having fun and it will rightfully end with it. You will always be on a journey somewhere. Once you acheive this goal, you will set another one and start that quest all over again.
Fun is in the striving, the growing, and the adventure of improving. If you were to ask an like an eagle. It will explain to you that the thrill is in the soaring to their next destination, it’s not when they land in a fluffy nest.
Stay focused but don’t take it all too seriously. I have never seen an eagle get frustrated because they were not soaring good enough. If you feel frustrated on your journey, you may need to give it more time or make a simple adjustment to get soaring again.
So it’s your priveledge to fly, and have fun on your way to your new you!
All the best,
Jason Scott Johnson

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