Jump Into Opportunities by Kim Somers

kim somers

Jump Into Opportunities by Kim Somers


There are always opportunities daily in everything that you do. Daily opportunities to create a better you, and turn negative situations or feelings into ones of positive success. Always look for these opportunities. Many people get caught up in the daily hustle and bustle of their life. People live life on autopilot and find it hard to make changes. You must take the time to stop, and take a moment to allow their brain time to get to work and out of the repetition of daily life. Whether you are happy and content or living life disappointed, look for the gift or opportunity.
Now take a moment and think if there are any current opportunities in your life that will make you succeed and move forward in big ways? Something that will fuel your passion, purpose, project pursuit or profession soar? Make a list of two. Next create a list of at least 10-30, if not more, things that you love about yourself! This will create a foundation in your mind. Choose four that resonate with what you are focusing on right now to succeed and move forward. Next, for one week, write to or connect with three people each day to ask for advice, guidance, ideas, opportunities, or even strategic partners. Add the qualities you love about yourself and get comfortable mentioning them on paper and in person.

Think of ways that you can create opportunities on your own. Think bold and get outside the box. Take time to brainstorm a list of ideas, journal your thoughts, write down even your most wild and bold ideas no matter how crazy they sound! Ask yourself, who else does what I want to do. How did those people get there? Research these individuals. Gather information and gain more insight and brainstorm new ideas based on these individuals. Go to some specific networking events that match to connect with people. Continue learning so that you will become the guru of this and truly own what you do.

Hold yourself accountable and meet with an accountability partner at least once every week. Review your current situation, gather ideas, gain feedback and assistance. Create a plan of action that will lead you to your goal. Prioritize your ideas, what ideals make you feel 100% excited, amazing, and powerful? Take the top idea and begin with that. Break it into small steps and create a schedule and time frame for moving forward. Make sure to take steps right away! Action will fuel you and show you results.

As soon as one of yourself created opportunities is stepped into by you make sure to CELEBRATE and keep going! Journal your results, the connections you made, your credibility, success and own it! Be ready when bigger opportunities come as a result of this. Take the time to imagine, visualize, and see the money flowing in and your dreams come true.

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