I am Humbled…

Have you ever felt frazzled and overwhelmed by what you asked to manifest?

I have, and I had to stop in my tracks and take a deep breath and realize how completely blessed I am that I have the opportunity to live and create my dreams!

I created my trademarked method “Bootoga®” in 2015 and now finally in 2018 what I created is manifesting into what I once only dreamed about. I am so humbled to be asked to take an ambassadorship trip to Nicaragua to see the beautiful retreat center for my future health and wellness retreats and to possibly expand Bootoga® in yet another country. I am so grateful and blessed that the reason for “being in demand” is what I asked for and what I created to help heal people worldwide in fitness of Mind, Body and Soul.

Next time you start to feel the feeling of overwhelm, remember how honored you are in this moment to be living what you asked to create. Whether it’s running your own business, family, children, travel, or planning and prepping your dreams, it’s what we asked for (whether we are consciously aware or not at times). Stay in gratitude, keep an open mind for growth and new experiences that you never thought possible. Release attachments to outcomes, allow things to naturally flow and be open to receive new ideas, feedback and so much more. Be patient with yourself and your journey. Trust the process and listen to your intuition, your heart and your soul.

Bootoga® Worldwide

Lead with your Heart and live free and happy…..!! Stay tuned for updates and forth coming information on future retreats. Join my newsletter to stay connected and receive a FREE meditation for signing up at http://JeanetteOrtega.com

Peace, love and gratitude,



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