How beautiful LOVE can be…

It's all about LOVE

It’s all about LOVE….

Today I was in a deep conversation about LOVE…. and it really got me thinking.. what does the word LOVE mean to me? We all have different perceptions, meanings and visions of what love should look like and if it doesn’t appear the way we feel it should then we deem it wrong. When the real question is… What does your inner self-love look like? What is within us in order for it to show outward? The Journey of love starts within which translates into what degree of love are we able to give and receive. In this day and age where the WORLD needs more love, if we don’t love ourselves how do we expect to show and love others in our world? Love is a self-reflection, if we don’t see love in others, we aren’t love. To have love we need to be love and I’m not just talking about personal relationships, it’s so much deeper than that. To love ourselves requires work, it requires being vulnerable, authentic and walking a life of integrity. This sounds great but can we truly be with what love requires from us…..?

I was listening to one of my favorite artists, Common and his song, Love Is…

“How beautiful love can be, on the streets love is hard to see, it’s a place I got to be, loving you is loving me, how beautiful love can be, we gotta raise that frequency”

Let’s work on raising our frequency of the beauty of LOVE!  -Jeanette

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