Happy New Moments!

Happy New Year!

As I wrote my blog and meditated on New Years Eve, I realized that 2017, even with all of it’s ups and downs, proved to be an amazing year of growth.
This year there was some hard belly laughter and also tears that wouldn’t stop dropping from my eyes yet I feel that the contrast of these experiences served as a way to bring clarity into my life. It became very crystal clear of what I desire in my life and what I will no longer tolerate.

It’s often our greatest struggles that we find our deepest capacity for love and the desire for greater alignment within ourselves.

I heard the phrase “Push less and allow more this year” and it truly spoke to me. We try to control and force outcomes for our bodies, careers, relationships and more. This year let’s stay in “focused action” and allow yourself to live authentically to yourself, not others opinions of you.

Experience and allow what your soul desires this year.. whatever that may be. Release attachment of the outcome and watch the beauty of your life unfold.

I pray that 2018 is a breakthrough year for you. That you embody and ask for anything and everything that your heart and soul desires. Use everything as an opportunity to learn, grow and expand. Be present, make many joyful moments and love like you’ve never loved before.

Much love and blessings to you all!

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