Enjoy the Journey!


Has it always been easy for me? NO! Is it easy for me now? NO!

I’ve worked hard for everything that I have accomplished. I take pride in my passion and my purpose and I’m honored and grateful when others recognize it in me and it turns into an opportunity to be published as a cover model to share my story in hopes that it will inspire many other beautiful women to pursue their passions and to be patient for the right people and opportunities to come into their lives.

I want to share a few tips with you that I’ve learned along my journey:
1) Be clear of your passions.. what makes your heart sing and do those everyday!
2) Release FEAR. Easier said then done but be honest with yourself and ask; what am I truly afraid of in this situation/circumstance? Start to visualize the fear leaving your body and thank it for the lesson.
3) Just ASK! Sometimes we just need to GO FOR IT! What’s the worst thing that can happen? Someone says NO to you, can you handle that? Absolutely, take nothing personally! Move on to the next prospect and focus on your goal.
4) A great quote from my dear friend and co-author Tim Cole, in The Little Black Book of Fitness;
“The person with an experience will out perform the person with a theory every time”! The context behind this is that your experience matters! Don’t ever feel not good enough, no degree, etc, your time in the trenches matters! MOVE forward and go for what you want!
5) Know that your audience and the people you are here to reach are waiting for what you have to share! Get out of your own way and own who you are. Go forth and help others with your message, your experience, your story and your bright light. Smile and share your love and watch it come back to you 10 fold!

Lastly…. ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY… this is truly where the Magic happens!


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