Earn your HAPPINESS!

Earn your Happiness

How many times do we expect others to make us happy or we feel if we reach a certain goal in our lives that will bring us the happiness we desire; when in fact it’s just the opposite. Happiness is an internal job, we must make the choice on a daily basis to find the happiness that lies within us.

As many of you know I have made the choice to expand and grow my fitness business with another gym and I am so happy and grateful for this opportunity that lies before me. With all of the packing, cleaning, preparation of the new location and ensuring my team is well taken care of, it’s been a time of true reflection for me and my years as a sole gym owner.
I have worked hard, made sacrifices, worked countless hours, laughed, cried, meet some of the best people around, developed relationships, created more opportunities for growth, wrote best selling books, trained celebrities, traveled with my Ambassador Shabazz to Belize to serve and share my talents with kids, and women, created and trademarked Bootoga® and so much more. The point to listing these accomplishments is to remind myself that I have earned every ounce of happiness that is in each experience. I smile as I write about them because there is internal joy and happiness for what I have accomplished and for what I am going to create going forward.

There have been countless times when a challenge or an expectation of mine did not go through, yet I was taught valuable lessons and the most amazing doors were opened for me in ways I would not have imagined and then once again…I was taught joy and happiness are an inside job. Nothing external can make us happy, being fit on the inside is where our truth resides.

It’s with a grateful heart that I release my “physical” location of the gym only to create more community and family in our new home. I am so thankful for every person who has walked through my doors, you are  or have been a crucial part of my journey and I hope to continue the beauty, creation, and love with all of you!
Come visit and join me at MBX Athletics at 19555 Parthenia St., Northridge, Ca 91324 and let’s GROW this together! 



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