“Don’t Wrestle, Just Nestle”

Wrestle or Nestle?

Wrestle or Nestle?

I was in a book store the other day and saw a book entitled, “Don’t Wrestle, Just Nestle”, that title stuck with me and it got me thinking.

How many times in life when things are not going our way do we start to wrestle with life and ourselves? We get frustrated, angry, fearful and all the emotions of discomfort come up and we just can’t seem to be calm or find any moments of stillness?! When in fact, if we would nestle into the discomfort, breathe, take a step back and look for opportunities of growth and learning there may be a much better solution that would appear…. BUT how challenging is that, right?

We seem to want to fight and wrestle with what isn’t working out our way instead of nestling up to the idea that there is a better way for this particular circumstance and it’s a blessing in disguise teaching us something that we must learn in this part of our life. Why wrestle and waste time and energy when in fact more would be accomplished if we nestle up to the situation and trust that there is something much more grand waiting for us. If we would only take the time to truly be authentic with ourselves and investigate deeper into what is being taught to us at this particular time. Where’s our trust, faith and confidence in these moments? Are we attached to an outcome that may not happen? Will life endure if the outcome is different from what we anticipated?

Here’s 3 steps to gain that perspective:

  1. Stop, take a step back and BREATHE….. get into the present moment
  2. Take an authentic look at what’s working in this situation and what’s not working, what’s missing and how can it be improved
  3. Evaluate your intentions and what your true purpose in life is, does this align with your “WHY”?

Remember everything in life happens for a reason, usually a lesson and many times a celebration of how far we have come. Where our attention goes, energy flows.. so which will it be for you; Wrestle or Nestle?



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