Do you “should” all over yourself and others?

I recently attended a fundraiser and the keynote speaker asked a GREAT question to us all. Do you constantly “should” all over yourself or others? Meaning: I “should’ have done that, they “should” leave their job, they “should” go to the gym, I “should” have worked out harder, my kids “should” have straight A’s.
Does this sound familiar? I am definitely guilty of what I call the “should syndrome”. I catch myself and have learned to take a step back to truly view my “judgement” of my actions or thoughts and take a few minutes to let it go.
How quickly we judge ourselves and others, it is a daily habit to tame down the judgement. When we judge others, we make them “wrong” and most of the time without even knowing their circumstance, situation or story. Who are we to judge and “should” someone when we ourselves are struggling with the same issue?
The keynote speaker went on to share that one of her favorite people in the world was a dear friend of hers who never once told her she “should” do something, instead her friend always listened and reminded her of her greatness, beauty and love. The speaker continued her story, she was down in the dumps, knew she wasn’t in a good situation at that time yet the non-judgement of her friend is what helped light up the correct path for her to pursue. Now that is true love and compassion at it’s finest.
Even though we feel our intentions may be good, are we truly in the position to “should” our opinion on someone if not asked?
I’ve been thinking about this all week long. I shared it with my “Champion Mindset Workshop” group this week. We may know someone’s name, but we never know their full story. Have compassion, love and acceptance for others and especially for ourselves. This is one aspect of having a champion mindset and definitely something to think about.

With love and acceptance,

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