Do you need a permission slip?



Where are you? Seriously, where are you?

Are you floating above your life watching it and studying it instead of being present and living it? Do you allow fear, judgement and any other self defeating emotion to take control of your life?

I just opened an email from one of my greatest mentors, Ambassador Shabazz (Malcolm X’s daughter and Ambassador of Belize). I have worked with this amazing woman on humanitarian projects for the under-served people of Belize and I have taken my method “Bootoga®” to the women in prison, and children of Belize. These experiences have been profound and the fact that Ambassador wants me to continue and grow my own delegation for my work is truly an honor. I haven’t been back to Belize in about 2 years and this morning as I opened my email, the call hasn’t stopped, it’s been coming and I’ve been ignoring it and now it is time to get back into gear and create the legacy I am here to set. Why do we get ourselves going and then get stopped over and over again? What pattern do we need to let go off in order for us to breakthrough the fear and doubt?

I was listening to one of my newest audio books: “Braving the Wilderness” by Brene Brown and it was perfect timing.. she was asked those above questions from a dear friend to get herself out of the “fear” that binds us and into action for the greater good of ourselves and what we provide for the world.

“Don’t miss this experience, don’t study this moment, BE IN IT!”

This spoke to me loud and clear…it’s time to BE IN IT!!!!!! Time for me to be present and stop watching and studying my life and be the main player.

Do we need a permission slip to give ourselves permission to stop being so serious and afraid in life?

We need to give ourselves permission to be excited, goofy and have FUN! This is a powerful intention setting method but even though you give yourself permission you must make sure that you follow through! Get on the ACTION bus and FOLLOW THROUGH!

As soon as we decide to take action, fear will come in BUT Do not be moved… commit to not moving from who you truly are even if you feel alone, kinda weird, or on a solo mission. You must remember that you belong anywhere you show up as yourself. YOU were made for a great purpose, share it and watch the beauty unfold with it.

I leave you with 2 great quotes from the amazing Maya Angelou that have always inspired me!

If you’re going to live, leave a legacy. Make a mark on the world that can’t be erased. -Maya Angelou

Hope and fear cannot occupy the same space. Invite one to stay. -Maya Angelou

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