Decide What You Want

What do you want? What do you really want? This is an important question to ponder. In order to truly manifest and attract all that you desire in life, you must become clear on your vision of what your greatest life would look like.

Most people don’t know what they want. Either they don’t take the time to get clear about what they truly desire, or they focus on the things they don’t want in life (ex: I don’t want debt).

By focusing on the things you don’t want, you are experiencing negative thoughts and therefore launching negative energy. This results in attracting more of the same negative situations, people, and experiences in your life.

Think about your thoughts. What do you usually think about? Are you complaining about what your life looks like right now? If so, chances are you are using negative language and focusing on the things you don’t want in life.

The key is to become CLEAR about what you DO want. Once you know what you do want and focus your attention on that, you will automatically project positive energy and start to create the life you want.

Here are a few of my steps that I practice when creating what I want in life:

1) Set Your Intentions

2) Let Go and Trust the Process

3) Be in Gratitude of the Now

4) Stay in the “awe” of life

5) Love yourself and others

6) Be present in each moment

7) Know you’re worthy

8) Remember your journey

9) LOVE and be loved

Be unrealistic and DREAM BIG.. The “how” is unimportant, your job is to figure out the “what”.
Know what you want so you know what you don’t want!

From my heart to yours… love always,


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