Bootoga® Jewelry Line

For years I have worn beads that have beautiful meaning and calming affects for life’s daily adventures, and now my team and I are creating them for you to share in the beauty of what they represent and what speaks to your heart and soul.

Each Bracelet has it’s own meaning and intention.
These are more than just bracelets, they are bracelets with meaning and will transform your life by manifesting miracles. You will capture pure energy as you slip a Bootoga® bracelet onto your wrist. You’ll be wearing more than just a simple fashion accessory—you’ll be wearing guidance bracelets to redefine your life by healing your inner soul.
Tigers Eye: a powerful stone that helps you release fear, anxiety and aids in harmony and balance.
Carnelian & Agate together: HIGHLY powerful and calming
Sea Turtles represent Good luck, endurance and a long life
Moonstone: Powerful stone of calm, peace and balance
Beautiful Moonstone with Pink Tourmaline for love, joy, happiness, balance and peace with the LOVE charm
Amethyst stone represents spiritual protection and purification while the moonstone provides clarity, and calm with the LOVE charm

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