Body Weight VS. Free Weights

Body weight exercises are a great form of exercise. A lot of body weight workouts are ideal for beginners, but at the same time certain workouts can be extremely difficult to perform when you’re carrying extra weight. This is where Free Weights come into play and allow you to get stronger and perform more reps than if you did a difficult body weight exercise.


Body Weight workouts are great for everyone. Getting down on the ground and moving, working out, and stretching are vital. WHY? When you get out of practice of these basic movements your body forgets how to perform them successfully. For instance, if your parents had to jump down a few feet, would they be able to land correctly on their feet? Odds are, most would fall because they haven’t had to jump and carry that kind of weight in years. So what am I saying? I am saying don’t lose the kid in you. Get on the ground, roll around, and play with kids and you will always have a playful, limber body!

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