Are You Mentally Fit?

We know how to train and eat our way to peak physical fitness; but how can we elevate our mental game? Master these three skills to get your mind in its best shape ever.

1) Fine-tune your Emotional Intelligence.

The skill of emotional intelligence is simply the ability to recognize your feelings and understand how you’re responding to them, and do it without judging yourself. It’s time to stop hustling your emotions away, instead see them as data to help you learn about yourself and grow. Get granular about your feelings, meaning go beyond the basic “angry” or “sad” .. what is the underlying cause of that emotion.

2) Tap into your Vulnerability.

What many see as a weakness is actually a superpower. One of the most courageous choices you can make is to be vulnerable. It’s the courage to be authentic, to be true, the courage to say what you need to say, to ask for help, and strive for excellence instead of perfection.

3) Rev up your Resilience.

Resilience keeps you going, but not by toughing it out or flipping off the emotion switch. When the going gets tough, you find ways to recalibrate and thrive…that’s resilience. Resilience can be learned, especially when you see setbacks as opportunities for growth. Choosing to view things as “challenges” rather than problems can keep your focus on solving vs wallowing. Get curious…ask yourself how today’s setback can help you do better tomorrow.

True fitness is when we are fit in mind, body and soul. We cannot neglect “working out” our most important asset…  our mind.
Mental fitness is crucial for peace and health in our bodies. Finish your year mentally strong and courageous!

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