Another Trip Around the Sun!

“A birth-date is a reminder to celebrate the life as well as to update the life.” 
-Amit Kalantri

I am so grateful to celebrate yet another year of life this past September!! Cheers to all the LIBRAS out there!

Just as the above quote states… it’s time to update our life as well as celebrate our life and there has definitely been a TON of updating in my life this year!

This year I became engaged to a wonderful man, I moved to the beach area, and during this pandemic I had time to write a 3-part eBook, create and upgrade my Bootoga Online Wellness Academy (upcoming new membership site), started my own weekly podcast called #Workoutwednesday, hosted my first Women’s Virtual Summit, and now purchased a beautiful home with my fiancé in Arizona.
Yes that’s correct, I’ll be moving to Arizona, but not to worry I’ll be visiting CALI a lot, (LA is my home), and I’m always with you virtually!

These past few years I have been working fervently on myself and being ready to receive what I desire in life. This past year so many of my heart’s desires have turned into physical manifestations and I am grateful beyond words.

Here are a few tips I learned about being flexible when it comes to going after what you want. Remember that flexibility allows you to put aside rigid perceptions and truly allow the journey to unfold as it should.

1) Be grateful for what is.

Look at your blessings. Being more aware and grateful for what you have helps you see what can be possible. Use what you have to create your possibilities. Trust things are going just right, and they will get you where you want to be in the right time. Don’t ever look at your progress as a failure; you are always learning, never losing.

2) Be adaptable.

Learn to change when a situation changes, PIVOT! It is good to plan, but sometimes not all contingencies are considered. Focus on what you can change and release what you cannot. Being adaptable and resilient helps you shift more quickly when you may need to pivot.

3) Be calm and controlled.

Think before you react, and you will control your response. Do you react or look for resolution? Take your time and gather information before choosing your best options forward. When you react, the situation is in control of you. When you respond, you are in charge of what you create, and you are more flexible.

4) Be creative.

You create what you want. Yes, things might not go how you want it, but you are the creator of the solutions to keep moving forward. Only you can view your world the way you want it. Look at where you are, through an open and creative lens; this can help you be more flexible. There are always more routes, more opportunities, and more possibilities available; only you can create them.

5) Be more self-trusting.

Work on developing a strong sense of trust by creating a good understanding of yourself. You can acquire this by making time every day to find what you need to feel good. When you know what keeps you motivated, you adapt to change. Sometimes what you think you want is not what you need. In recognizing your actual needs, you see that there are many ways to get you there.

I hope these tips help you on your journey as they have helped me and continue to guide me on my new path.
Cheers to another trip around the sun!

Much love, health and happiness this year and always.



HUGE shoutout to Joe Mikoli, my awesome photographer and Darling Mushrooms for their location.

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