Animal Style… Isn’t What You Think It Is

Animal Style… Isn’t What You Think It Is

The Ways Animal Style Workouts Can Increase Gym Productivity

By Siarra T. Mong

When you see the phrase, “Animal Style,” the first thing that comes to your mind shouldn’t be a burger! Animal style workouts have been known to greatly improve core strength, and awaken rarely used muscles. Moving like an animal will awaken the beast within. By incorporating workouts on increasing range of motion, and fluidity you will add variety to your usual routine.

By evoking your primal side, you’ll be able to tone areas you never knew you could. Besides, its fun to play sometimes, and give you a new outlook on what a good workout really is. This beast inspired flow is relatively new as a workout style, but the moves are simple enough for most to incorporate into their workout. Additionally, there are modifications for those training at all experience levels.

Best for

Burning fat, igniting muscle growth, and fit in a fun, total-body workout almost anywhere


Strength, mobility, weight loss

How to do it

Perform each animal inspired exercise for 40 seconds, resting 20 seconds between them. Do three circuits total, or more if you have it in you. (total 15 minutes)

Firm Up Your Physique

By constantly moving you’ll blast away fat to chisel more toned shoulders, abs, arms, back, legs, and butt. It’s estimated that this kind of toning work can burn nearly 350 calories per hour for some. These playful moves will help warm you up thereby reducing injury during other activities.

With this kind of variety your body will never grow accustomed to your workouts. These movements promote shoulder, wrist, hand strength, core stability, and total-body mobility. Your body, and spirit will thank you for the change in your standard routine.

It’s Fun!

Many athletes, used to being constantly mentally stimulated, get bored with training in the weight room. Many get excited when we do Animal Flow training. They find it both interesting, and challenging. Animal Flow can be performed in several different ways, but the best way is to set up some music, and just practice your flows for a set amount of time.

Mobility and Flexibility

Many athletes get injured because of a lack of mobility in their joints. When a joint cannot move properly, the body compensates, and these compensations can lead to injury in the long run. Doing Animal Flow, even as just a warm-up, promotes mobility in the joints.

Rotational Stability

What sports use rotation? All of them. Many Animal Flow moves require you to stabilize your core while lifting opposite limbs. Also, the movements require you to control your body before placing your limbs back on the ground.

One of the rules of Animal Flow is that “limbs lift, and land lightly.” To follow this rule, you must have a ridiculous amount of rotary stability, because they place such a high demand on your anterior chain.

Muscle Pattern Connections

Too often in training programs, athletes perform a ton of isolation exercises for specific muscle groups, most of which offer no athletic benefits. Animal Flow requires you to train muscular patterns through full ranges of motion. Many moves require you to engage your entire posterior chain.

Training these patterns promotes better movement, which can lead to a stronger, better-communicating body. Training these patterns teaches better neuromuscular control, and helps prevent injury in athletes.

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