Always Let Your Light Shine!

I’ve learned that you can keep going long after you think you can’t.

I’ve had struggles, I’ve been tired mentally, physically and spiritually BUT there is always that little voice that comes up from my heart into my mind; reminding me of my greatness, my power and the magic that I give to the WORLD.

It’s during those times that we must fight hard to continue to let our light shine and know and believe that we have amazing possibilities for growth, expansion and development if we truly allow ourselves to be present to any and all opportunities around us.

This journey called LIFE is amazing, “WE” have the CHOICE of how we want to live…

So what are you going to chose for yourself TODAY??

I chose “ABUNDANCE and JOY”!!

(Just some “JOthoughts” today)

Photo credit: Teri Montoya Photography

Always let your light shine!


Stay focused and finish the year of 2014 STRONG and enter into 2015 like it’s your last year here! 

Photo credit: Teri Montoya Photography 

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