Mastering the Headstand

Headstands… referred to as the King of all Yoga poses! Headstands are amazing…they give you the feeling of youth, accomplishment, freedom and excitement. I love being upside down…it alters my perception of things and at times provides great clarity. It is a practice and you definitely want to start with safety first and practice against a wall.There are so many wonderful reasons why headstands are so amazing to our bodies and why Yogi’s become what I call “Inversion Junkies” such as myself. 🙂



Yoga Handstand



Side-note: I would always recommend being taught by a professional and receiving clearance from your doctor for any exercise.

Headstand Perks

  • Reduces anxiety and stress and enhances self-confidence
  • Promotes heart relaxation by directing blood to the brain, allowing gravity to do the magic
  • Heats and cleanses the body
  • Very stimulating and revitalizing
  • Stimulates the nervous system, increasing mental power, concentration, clarity, and balance
  • Feels centering, calming and soothing
  • Helps recovery from loss of sleep and memory
  • Fortifies the spine, neck, shoulders and arms
  • Tones the abdomen, legs, and the neck muscles
  • Stimulates lung tissue, relieving colds, coughs, tonsillitis, bad breath and palpitations
  • Cleanses and massages the internal organs
  • Reduces muscular strain and stress
  • Boosts metabolism and alleviates IBS and other digestive concerns
  • Directs blood flow to the face, providing an organic facelift and facial (A free, self-administered facial? Sign me up!)
  • Dissolves stress, sadness, depression, and lethargy due to pituitary stimulation – the endorphin, “happy hormone” releasing gland
  • Encourages a sense of lightness and ease
  • Gives you a fun party trick to show off!
  • Offers anti-aging perks (some say it prevents grey hair and may even reverse grey hair!)

Are you ready to start and take on the challenge of head standing? Come take a class at Extreme Results Fitness and give it a try with our amazing Instructors!

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