5 Simple Home Workout Tips!

5 Simple Home Workout Tips!

  1. Set up your “workout” space with inspiration and your basic equipment. You don’t need the fancy machines… grab dumbbells, a mat, resistance bands. Some extras can be a stability ball, yoga blocks, Kettlebells. This is all simple equipment that will get the job done and stores easily in your home.  
  2. Plan & block out time for your home workouts just like you would any other gym class. Set up the days and times you will you be working out, the type of workout you’ll be performing and what equipment is needed.
  3. Be sure to get SLEEP! This is so important for every level of health! Want to lose weight, gain muscle or just feel healthier? SLEEP is essential.
  4. Stay motivated & consistent.. subscribe to a fitness membership site to keep you going (Hint…http://Bootoga.com), find an accountability partner, vary up your fitness regimen.
  5. Identify your “Why” so you can be clear of your goals, intentions and priorities. This will help you stay committed to your workouts.

These are just a few tips to keep you going and successful on your health and home workout fitness journey! Home workouts are amazing… mix them up with outside nature walks, gym workouts and watch your body transform.

I have been home this week due to helping my dog get back to health and my home workouts have been fantastic and keeping me going even if I can’t make it to the gym.

I am extending my Bootoga Birthday Bundle offer until the end of October for you to take advantage of and stay fit and healthy these last 3 months of 2022!

Here is what is include:

  • Bomb Body Challenge
  • 21 Day Yoga and Meditation Program
  • 21 Day Bootoga and Meditation Program


Have fun and make it enjoyable!

Learn something new with me & have fun while getting healthy in the meantime!

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