3 Ways to get Motivated at work when you feel “Stuck”

Do you feel “Stuck”?

You might even be finding yourself at a job you normally love but just a bit burnt out. Maybe you haven’t had the time to focus on yourself, pursue any of your passions, or simply haven’t had the energy to bring your full self into work each day. This can cause you to resent the job you usually enjoy doing. What’s happening in the world is affecting many of us and our motivation.

Here are 3 strategies to get “unstuck” and find motivation:

1️⃣ Get physical
Your physical state often determines your mental state. Ever feel better after exercise? When our physical capacity grows so does our mental capacity. Take time out in NATURE!

2️⃣ Start asking questions
When we feel stuck, it’s often because we ask ourselves questions we don’t know the answers to. Think on that for a moment. Be open to explore your innermost feelings.

3️⃣ Pursue a side passion
If you have a “side hustle” idea, pursuing some work in this area can boost creativity and help you connect patterns from things you’re interested to learn about. Even if the idea doesn’t go anywhere, you’ll still have learned valuable lessons about the type of work you were doing.

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Let’s take this time to continue our growth and pivots in our life for the better!


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