21 Day Yoga & Meditation Challenge! Starts January 11th, 2019!

Are you ready for a Mind, Body and Soul challenge?

Join my 21 day Online Yoga & Meditation Challenge!!

(This will be a private Facebook group so only those who have signed up for this challenge have access to this page.)

**Our 21 day challenge starts on Friday January 11th – January 31st!**

SIGN UP by Jan 10th!

We will be doing 21 minutes of Yoga & Meditation together for 21 days!!
16 minutes of Yoga and 5 minutes of meditation daily!

Videos of Yoga & Meditations will be uploaded to our private page daily and you’re able to perform them daily at your desired time, BUT you must check in DAILY on our that you completed the 21 minutes! 
All of us here in the group will be keeping each other accountable and on track!

I’ll also be posting tips on yoga, mindfulness, different types of meditation and wellness.

It takes at least 21 days to create or break a habit and 2019 is a powerful year.. it’s time to live more consciously about our habits, relationships, careers and more. 
By starting and maintaining a daily yoga & meditation practice this will help us bring more clarity of what we desire in our lives and what we still need to release and what we are finally ready to receive!

Are you ready for your greatest life yet?! If you are, join me and invite friends to join you!

THE BEST PART: Only $21…. that’s just $1 a day to start to get your year catapulted!

If you join this program you also receive a discount on my upcoming monthly membership program which will go all year long and have more bells and whistles. I’m committed to living my best life and imparting my knowledge and experience to all of you! Let’s not waste another moment!

Email Bootogalifestyle@gmail.com to SIGN UP!! 
First 5 to sign up will receive a FREE gift! 
(and it’s a good one!)


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