5 Tips to stay active and motivated during Quarantine!

Let’s stay active, healthy & connected!

Movement is KEY for your mind and body!

It’s been quite a few weeks… would you agree? Around this time is when we need to stay consistent with our health and wellness program or we may notice our motivation lessening as time goes by during our current #stayathome protocol. 

Today I’m sharing 5 tips to keep you going, to get you re-inspired and to let you know that you are not alone! We are in this together so let’s support and encourage each other as we make our way through this. 

TIP #1- Be Accountable to someone or to a program. Stay connected. 
We all need some accountability in our lives to complete certain things in our life. Health and wellness is no different, in fact, it’s one of the biggest areas that we as humans need accountability in. Enroll someone with you in your home and workout together, or connect with a friend via Facetime, Zoom or other ways and set up a “workout hour” together and motivate one another. Join a Zoom workout group, show up and workout live with other people. There are so many options online now.. find one that fits your needs and timeframe and commit to it. Partner up, this helps your partner and yourself! 

TIP #2- DANCE it out! 
Music is healing! Start your morning with this or to help get yourself out of a funk. Turn on a great song and just dance your heart out or sing aloud and watch your mood elevate almost instatnly! Dancing is proven to help boost your mood, ease anxiety and causes a release of feelgood endorphins into the bloodstream. One more benefit is that it helps reduce levels of cortisol – a stress hormone, and we’ve had plenty of these lately. So what are you waiting for? DANCE it out! 

TIP #3- Switch up your routine! 
MIX it up!! Variety is the spice of life. Performing the same exercise routines over and over can get boring. Take it outside, walk your neighborhood and perform 5 squats and/or 5 pushups at every tree you pass, go online and do a workout from one of your favorite fitness trainers or celebrity trainers, learn a new exercise, maybe shadow boxing, Bootoga® or pilates. Switch it up and your body will thank you, muscle confusion helps our body grow and develop different muscles and in the process you may find a new exercise you never thought you would enjoy.

TIP #4- Noursh yourself with new healthy recipes
It’s understandable that people just stick to what they know. So how about taking an online cooking class, learn how to get more veggies in your life at dinner or breakfast. Learn how to cook a new cuisine, make it healthy and delicious which will provide you with more long lasting energy for your mind and body. Make it fun and take an online cooking class with your kids or spouse/partner and see who makes it better. Add some FUN into nourishing yourself… I promise your body will thank you. 

TIP #5- Be WELL, meditate, take quiet time
Having a strong relationship with our inner experience—our thoughts, desires, fears, plans, outcomes—is an important part of living a well-designed life. Take time to meditate daily, have your own personal quiet time, take a walk out in nature to clear your mind, calm your soul and bring peace to your heart. Then, journal to track and organize your thoughts and plans, daily actions, daily feelings or emotions and also outcomes. It is powerful to have a way to get out all of our thoughts and feelings without judgement and to release it on paper. When in silence of meditation/prayer, ask for insight, and for direction in your life.. when we are in a space of quiet we are able to hear things, our inner voice that we are normally to busy to listen to.

I hope one or all of these TIPS resonated with you in one way or another. 

Much love, health and happiness always! 

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