10 Tips for Healthy Eating during the Holidays

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10 tips for healthy eating during the HOLIDAYS

1. Choose good carbs, not no carbs (carbs are your friend). Whole grains are your best bet, choose complex carbohydrates vs the sugary ones at a holiday party.

2. Pay attention to intaking enough protein. Most people don’t intake enough protein regularly and usually less during the holidays. Protein helps curb hunger, and helps you maintain a healthy weight. Fish, poultry, nuts, and beans are the best choices.

3. Choose foods with healthy fats, limit foods high in saturated fat, and avoid foods with trans fat. Plant oils, nuts, and fish are the healthiest sources.

4. Choose a fiber-filled diet, rich in whole grains, vegetables, and fruits to keep you “regular” during the holidays.

5. Eat more vegetables and fruits before you go to a party. This helps fill you up! Go for color and variety—dark green, yellow, orange, and red.

6. Enjoy your Holiday parties, don’t feel guilty about indulging but also remember how certain foods make you feel. Make conscious choices that are best for you.

7. Water UP during this season. Skip the sugary drinks, and go easy on the milk and juice they put in holiday concoctions.   

8. Eating less salt is good for everyone’s health. Choose more fresh foods and fewer processed foods….Enjoy cooking a healthy home cooked meal for your family to enjoy. There are so many great healthy holiday recipes out there.. try them out!

9. Moderate drinking — Choose your alcohol intake wisely.. there are TONS of calories in what we choose to drink. Stay away from sugary drinks and mixes. Go for fresh ingredients for a healthier waistline.

10. A daily multivitamin is a great nutrition insurance policy. Some extra vitamin D may add an extra health boost. Stay up on your vitamins and minerals during this season to protect your immunity.


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