Refine your Skill

Refine your SKILL… Develop, Grow and Breakaway 

Labels…. why do we care about labels so much? Why do we want to label people, things, and situations? What in us causes this need to label everyone we meet and everything we see?

I recently sold my gym business that I’ve had for over 10 years to pursue my fitness method “Bootoga®” that I created in 2014 and officially trademarked in 2015. My heart and soul wanted to expand beyond the walls that I thought I had always wanted. As I progressed in life and in my own personal development I realized I never wanted the 4 walls of my gym to define me, I knew my purpose was greater, that I needed to share my skills and talents with the world on a whole new level. This is why I created Bootoga®, I wanted to pass on the true meaning of Fitness, which is to be fit in your mind, your body and your soul with freedom! We are such multifaceted beings yet we continue to “label” ourselves as one or two things.

After letting go of my gym I am now learning not to attach roles or identities that may have held great importance to me or others relating to me. There’s nothing wrong to the roles we attach to ourselves or others but we limit ourselves to these roles and we need to learn that these “roles” are not who we are but simply an expression of a piece of us. We are so much more dynamic than the labels, roles, and identities that we give ourselves and others. It can be tricky to avoid getting stuck in the “roles” that others expect from you. Example: I am more than a gym owner, fitness professional, Pro bikini model, coach, instructor, business owner, author, daughter, friend, etc…

I am now learning to REFINE my skills.. which to me means re-discovering more of myself, beyond the person I have considered myself to be up until now. For this to happen we must be willing to allow the many and varied faces of our being to begin to emerge on our awareness and be well with accepting ALL that we are.

We are constantly developing, growing and there’s times when we need to BREAKAWAY from what we know to experience all the new that we are creating and to allow and trust the process.

Once we do this, this opens up tremendous freedom of choice and possibility in life which can be both exhilarating and terrifying. At some point in life we have to let go of the fears of our old “labels” that have trapped us in certain roles and identities. It’s time to allow the new, more fulfilling and truthful self emerge and be free. It is when we can accept and allow this process that we will BREAKAWAY from our old limitations and start living a life of passion and true purpose.

Growth from within is the most challenging but yet so rewarding if you don’t give up!

For more tools and guidance on this please join me for my 4 week online Champion Mindset Workshop that starts tonight from 7-9 pm. The benefit to you is to rediscover yourself in a new way and to life your best life without limitations. Invest in yourself, that’s the best investment you can ever make! 

Lead with your Heart

We must let go of the life that we have planned… to accept the one that is waiting for us.
-Joseph Campbell

How many times do we try to force an outcome in our life because we were taught this is how life should look? We should go to college and get a degree, get the killer job, get married by a certain age and then follow that up with kids and a house. We should be working more hours than we sleep or have time to be with those who we truly love. By the time we realize this isn’t truly what we desire in life it’s almost too late… we’ve created the job or career, the marriage, the children but yet it doesn’t look or feel the way we thought it would. We now come to terms that this may not have been our dream yet we made it ours. Why?

At what point in life can we be honest with ourselves and say this isn’t my dream, my heart and soul desires this…..(fill in the blank).

I have been coming to terms with many beliefs that are not mine, they are from my parents, my family, society, and so on. I have been breaking many of the beliefs people thought I should have. I am not married, no children, I am an entrepreneur and travel the world as much as I can yet to some people think my life is “lacking” because there is no marriage with children.

It has been in my forties that I honestly do not care anymore about what others feel or think about how I should live my life, I’m free of the judgement that should have never been there in the first place. I am letting go of and surrendering the life that my family and/or society had planned for me and I’m accepting with open arms the life that is waiting for me! The life that I create without limiting beliefs, without judgement and without guilt or shame.

We all have our own journey and once we’re awakened on the inside there is no more resisting what your heart and soul truly desire. Follow your path, lead with your heart and soul and don’t allow the distractions to pull you off track. There are always lessons to be learned and growth to be had, and I am grateful for all of them but never allow someone’s opinion to out-rank your true belief of who you are and where you’re going. Sometimes the people around you won’t understand your journey. They don’t need to. It’s not for them.

Allow the beauty of your own life to unfold.. reveal the greatest version of you in your time.

Many blessings!


(Real talk today…) 🙂



Be happy for this moment….

Be happy for this moment, moment by moment in this beautiful experience called life.
Have fun, don’t take yourself so seriously. Smile more, hug many, laugh often and be kind to people; for we may know their name but not their story.
We all are in search of living our best lives even as we stumble through some hurdles along the way. Show and be love and have everyone who has met you feel better because they have. Be the light in a world where darkness wants to reside, shine your beauty and raise your energy to new heights each day knowing that you are a gift to this world and to humanity.
Be your best self each day even if that looks different day by day and remember to tilt your head up throughout your day and just say “Thank you”. 🙏🏼

I am Humbled…

Have you ever felt frazzled and overwhelmed by what you asked to manifest?

I have, and I had to stop in my tracks and take a deep breath and realize how completely blessed I am that I have the opportunity to live and create my dreams!

I created my trademarked method “Bootoga®” in 2015 and now finally in 2018 what I created is manifesting into what I once only dreamed about. I am so humbled to be asked to take an ambassadorship trip to Nicaragua to see the beautiful retreat center for my future health and wellness retreats and to possibly expand Bootoga® in yet another country. I am so grateful and blessed that the reason for “being in demand” is what I asked for and what I created to help heal people worldwide in fitness of Mind, Body and Soul.

Next time you start to feel the feeling of overwhelm, remember how honored you are in this moment to be living what you asked to create. Whether it’s running your own business, family, children, travel, or planning and prepping your dreams, it’s what we asked for (whether we are consciously aware or not at times). Stay in gratitude, keep an open mind for growth and new experiences that you never thought possible. Release attachments to outcomes, allow things to naturally flow and be open to receive new ideas, feedback and so much more. Be patient with yourself and your journey. Trust the process and listen to your intuition, your heart and your soul.

Bootoga® Worldwide

Lead with your Heart and live free and happy…..!! Stay tuned for updates and forth coming information on future retreats. Join my newsletter to stay connected and receive a FREE meditation for signing up at

Peace, love and gratitude,



Protect the woman you are becoming…

Everything has changed and yet I am more of myself than I have ever been!

These past 3 years have been some of the biggest lessons of my life. These lessons were not easy by any means, they caused me major discomfort, they forced me to look at everything from a different perspective, to learn how to truly listen to a person, to listen to my heart and not my head, to have faith when what was in plain sight made no logical sense. These lessons caused me to trust my intuition, my gut and each time I did it never was wrong.  I have learned how to let go of relationships that no longer served me, I released my gym business and merged with another gym, I have completely shifted a lot of my focus from physical fitness to mental, emotional and spiritual fitness, I wrote a book that became a Best Seller on Amazon in 6 categories, I have spoken on some amazing large stages with mentors I’ve always looked up to, I’ve had heart break and cried and cried until I finally had no more tears to give.

I would pray and ask God “Why do you think I’m so strong to handle all of this….because I honestly don’t understand any of this!?!” And yet for some reason this would bring me some peace for I knew deep inside I had the strength and courage to endure whatever I was going through.

The same questions kept coming… I the “teacher” became the “student” over and over again… asking myself & God, what is my lesson in this situation, what is the opportunity for growth and what is it that I need to learn to move on to my next phase? What do I need to let go of? What do I need to give up? How can I surrender to love and not fear? Who do I need to forgive? Can I forgive myself? How can I find comfort in the discomfort?

It was in those questions and moments with myself that the focus on my breathe became alive…. I allowed myself to listen. Listen to nature, the whispers of the winds, the birds, my heart, my prayers to God and his words back to me, and I felt the beauty of truly being alive as a strong woman with a very high purpose in this world. With a great calling/purpose comes great responsibility, I had to ask myself… was I really ready for this responsibility? The answer was YES! Once I said Yes I knew why these last few years were so challenging. Sometimes we aren’t ready, or don’t feel ready for what we are called to do or to be in this world but we are only prolonging the immense feeling of what it’s like to truly feel alive, to live purposefully. It’s no longer time just to survive, it’s time to THRIVE and live with passion.

Right now I am extremely protective of the woman I’ve become and I’m still becoming, there is no more time to tolerate things, people, or circumstances of past patterns. It’s time to RISE and BE who I was called to be in this world. Victory is in my veins and in yours!

May your 2018 shower blessings and awareness in every part of your life.

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Happy New Moments!

Happy New Year!

As I wrote my blog and meditated on New Years Eve, I realized that 2017, even with all of it’s ups and downs, proved to be an amazing year of growth.
This year there was some hard belly laughter and also tears that wouldn’t stop dropping from my eyes yet I feel that the contrast of these experiences served as a way to bring clarity into my life. It became very crystal clear of what I desire in my life and what I will no longer tolerate.

It’s often our greatest struggles that we find our deepest capacity for love and the desire for greater alignment within ourselves.

I heard the phrase “Push less and allow more this year” and it truly spoke to me. We try to control and force outcomes for our bodies, careers, relationships and more. This year let’s stay in “focused action” and allow yourself to live authentically to yourself, not others opinions of you.

Experience and allow what your soul desires this year.. whatever that may be. Release attachment of the outcome and watch the beauty of your life unfold.

I pray that 2018 is a breakthrough year for you. That you embody and ask for anything and everything that your heart and soul desires. Use everything as an opportunity to learn, grow and expand. Be present, make many joyful moments and love like you’ve never loved before.

Much love and blessings to you all!

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Do you need a permission slip?



Where are you? Seriously, where are you?

Are you floating above your life watching it and studying it instead of being present and living it? Do you allow fear, judgement and any other self defeating emotion to take control of your life?

I just opened an email from one of my greatest mentors, Ambassador Shabazz (Malcolm X’s daughter and Ambassador of Belize). I have worked with this amazing woman on humanitarian projects for the under-served people of Belize and I have taken my method “Bootoga®” to the women in prison, and children of Belize. These experiences have been profound and the fact that Ambassador wants me to continue and grow my own delegation for my work is truly an honor. I haven’t been back to Belize in about 2 years and this morning as I opened my email, the call hasn’t stopped, it’s been coming and I’ve been ignoring it and now it is time to get back into gear and create the legacy I am here to set. Why do we get ourselves going and then get stopped over and over again? What pattern do we need to let go off in order for us to breakthrough the fear and doubt?

I was listening to one of my newest audio books: “Braving the Wilderness” by Brene Brown and it was perfect timing.. she was asked those above questions from a dear friend to get herself out of the “fear” that binds us and into action for the greater good of ourselves and what we provide for the world.

“Don’t miss this experience, don’t study this moment, BE IN IT!”

This spoke to me loud and clear…it’s time to BE IN IT!!!!!! Time for me to be present and stop watching and studying my life and be the main player.

Do we need a permission slip to give ourselves permission to stop being so serious and afraid in life?

We need to give ourselves permission to be excited, goofy and have FUN! This is a powerful intention setting method but even though you give yourself permission you must make sure that you follow through! Get on the ACTION bus and FOLLOW THROUGH!

As soon as we decide to take action, fear will come in BUT Do not be moved… commit to not moving from who you truly are even if you feel alone, kinda weird, or on a solo mission. You must remember that you belong anywhere you show up as yourself. YOU were made for a great purpose, share it and watch the beauty unfold with it.

I leave you with 2 great quotes from the amazing Maya Angelou that have always inspired me!

If you’re going to live, leave a legacy. Make a mark on the world that can’t be erased. -Maya Angelou

Hope and fear cannot occupy the same space. Invite one to stay. -Maya Angelou

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Earn your HAPPINESS!

Earn your Happiness

How many times do we expect others to make us happy or we feel if we reach a certain goal in our lives that will bring us the happiness we desire; when in fact it’s just the opposite. Happiness is an internal job, we must make the choice on a daily basis to find the happiness that lies within us.

As many of you know I have made the choice to expand and grow my fitness business with another gym and I am so happy and grateful for this opportunity that lies before me. With all of the packing, cleaning, preparation of the new location and ensuring my team is well taken care of, it’s been a time of true reflection for me and my years as a sole gym owner.
I have worked hard, made sacrifices, worked countless hours, laughed, cried, meet some of the best people around, developed relationships, created more opportunities for growth, wrote best selling books, trained celebrities, traveled with my Ambassador Shabazz to Belize to serve and share my talents with kids, and women, created and trademarked Bootoga® and so much more. The point to listing these accomplishments is to remind myself that I have earned every ounce of happiness that is in each experience. I smile as I write about them because there is internal joy and happiness for what I have accomplished and for what I am going to create going forward.

There have been countless times when a challenge or an expectation of mine did not go through, yet I was taught valuable lessons and the most amazing doors were opened for me in ways I would not have imagined and then once again…I was taught joy and happiness are an inside job. Nothing external can make us happy, being fit on the inside is where our truth resides.

It’s with a grateful heart that I release my “physical” location of the gym only to create more community and family in our new home. I am so thankful for every person who has walked through my doors, you are  or have been a crucial part of my journey and I hope to continue the beauty, creation, and love with all of you!
Come visit and join me at MBX Athletics at 19555 Parthenia St., Northridge, Ca 91324 and let’s GROW this together!

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Enjoy the Journey!


Has it always been easy for me? NO! Is it easy for me now? NO!

I’ve worked hard for everything that I have accomplished. I take pride in my passion and my purpose and I’m honored and grateful when others recognize it in me and it turns into an opportunity to be published as a cover model to share my story in hopes that it will inspire many other beautiful women to pursue their passions and to be patient for the right people and opportunities to come into their lives.

I want to share a few tips with you that I’ve learned along my journey:
1) Be clear of your passions.. what makes your heart sing and do those everyday!
2) Release FEAR. Easier said then done but be honest with yourself and ask; what am I truly afraid of in this situation/circumstance? Start to visualize the fear leaving your body and thank it for the lesson.
3) Just ASK! Sometimes we just need to GO FOR IT! What’s the worst thing that can happen? Someone says NO to you, can you handle that? Absolutely, take nothing personally! Move on to the next prospect and focus on your goal.
4) A great quote from my dear friend and co-author Tim Cole, in The Little Black Book of Fitness;
“The person with an experience will out perform the person with a theory every time”! The context behind this is that your experience matters! Don’t ever feel not good enough, no degree, etc, your time in the trenches matters! MOVE forward and go for what you want!
5) Know that your audience and the people you are here to reach are waiting for what you have to share! Get out of your own way and own who you are. Go forth and help others with your message, your experience, your story and your bright light. Smile and share your love and watch it come back to you 10 fold!

Lastly…. ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY… this is truly where the Magic happens!