Healthy tips for the 4th of July!

Healthy tips for the 4th of July

Health on the 4th of July! 

Independence day, Fireworks, Family BBQ’s, hot dogs, chips, alcohol and fun in the sun! How much better can it get?
Here’s a FEW tips to survive the 4th of July splurge!

  1. Plan time for exercise. Exercise helps relieve the 4th of July eating stress and prevent weight gain. A moderate and daily increase in exercise can help partially offset increased holiday eating. Try 10 or 15-minute brisk walks twice a day.
  2. Don’t skip meals. Before leaving for a party, eat a light snack like raw vegetables or a piece of fruit to curb your appetite. You will be less tempted to over-indulge.
  3. Survey party buffets before filling your plate. Choose your favorite foods and skip your least favorite. Include vegetables and fruits to keep your plate balanced.
  4. Eat until you are satisfied, not stuffed. Savor your favorite holiday treats while eating small portions. Sit down, get comfortable, and enjoy.
  5. Be careful with beverages. Alcohol can lessen inhibitions and induce overeating; non-alcoholic beverages can be full of calories and sugar.
  6. If you overeat at one meal go light on the next. It takes 500 calories per day (or 3,500 calories per week) above your normal/maintenance consumption to gain one pound. It is impossible to gain weight from one piece of pie!
  7. Bring your own healthy dish to a holiday gathering.
  8. Take the focus off of FOOD and enjoy the company of your friends and family!
BE SAFE and have a beautiful 4th of July celebration! 

Do you “should” all over yourself and others?

I recently attended a fundraiser and the keynote speaker asked a GREAT question to us all. Do you constantly “should” all over yourself or others? Meaning: I “should’ have done that, they “should” leave their job, they “should” go to the gym, I “should” have worked out harder, my kids “should” have straight A’s.
Does this sound familiar? I am definitely guilty of what I call the “should syndrome”. I catch myself and have learned to take a step back to truly view my “judgement” of my actions or thoughts and take a few minutes to let it go.
How quickly we judge ourselves and others, it is a daily habit to tame down the judgement. When we judge others, we make them “wrong” and most of the time without even knowing their circumstance, situation or story. Who are we to judge and “should” someone when we ourselves are struggling with the same issue?
The keynote speaker went on to share that one of her favorite people in the world was a dear friend of hers who never once told her she “should” do something, instead her friend always listened and reminded her of her greatness, beauty and love. The speaker continued her story, she was down in the dumps, knew she wasn’t in a good situation at that time yet the non-judgement of her friend is what helped light up the correct path for her to pursue. Now that is true love and compassion at it’s finest.
Even though we feel our intentions may be good, are we truly in the position to “should” our opinion on someone if not asked?
I’ve been thinking about this all week long. I shared it with my “Champion Mindset Workshop” group this week. We may know someone’s name, but we never know their full story. Have compassion, love and acceptance for others and especially for ourselves. This is one aspect of having a champion mindset and definitely something to think about.

With love and acceptance,

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Radiate Confidence

Radiate Confidence

It has been a whirlwind these few months, my passion book project was finally released and we hit #1 Amazon Best Seller in 6 categories after a year in the making! What a great achievement yet exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. I finally had some time to sit at the beach and take it all in. I had no idea this would bring up so many emotions. I’ve been receiving text messages, emails, pictures of people with their books all thanking me for what I had created. They couldn’t put the book down and it helped re-inspire people to take charge of their life again.I began to cry tears of joy, what I had wanted to share for so long was now making an impact on so many people. There are times we overlook what we have created and we need to take a step back and “be” with the emotion, the accomplishment and the love. I thank God daily for the vision he gave me, for the confidence to believe that I could do this and for the courage it took to press on throughout the twelve months that I worked at it. Our accomplishments show us time and time again the amazing strength, courage, wisdom and confidence we truly have inside, some days we may not see or feel it but it’s always there. I want to encourage you today to finish whatever project you are working on, stay connected to your “why” and press on knowing that you have the confidence and strength to complete it.

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Much health, joy and peace to you all!

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“Don’t Wrestle, Just Nestle”

Wrestle or Nestle?

Wrestle or Nestle?

I was in a book store the other day and saw a book entitled, “Don’t Wrestle, Just Nestle”, that title stuck with me and it got me thinking.

How many times in life when things are not going our way do we start to wrestle with life and ourselves? We get frustrated, angry, fearful and all the emotions of discomfort come up and we just can’t seem to be calm or find any moments of stillness?! When in fact, if we would nestle into the discomfort, breathe, take a step back and look for opportunities of growth and learning there may be a much better solution that would appear…. BUT how challenging is that, right?

We seem to want to fight and wrestle with what isn’t working out our way instead of nestling up to the idea that there is a better way for this particular circumstance and it’s a blessing in disguise teaching us something that we must learn in this part of our life. Why wrestle and waste time and energy when in fact more would be accomplished if we nestle up to the situation and trust that there is something much more grand waiting for us. If we would only take the time to truly be authentic with ourselves and investigate deeper into what is being taught to us at this particular time. Where’s our trust, faith and confidence in these moments? Are we attached to an outcome that may not happen? Will life endure if the outcome is different from what we anticipated?

Here’s 3 steps to gain that perspective:

  1. Stop, take a step back and BREATHE….. get into the present moment
  2. Take an authentic look at what’s working in this situation and what’s not working, what’s missing and how can it be improved
  3. Evaluate your intentions and what your true purpose in life is, does this align with your “WHY”?

Remember everything in life happens for a reason, usually a lesson and many times a celebration of how far we have come. Where our attention goes, energy flows.. so which will it be for you; Wrestle or Nestle?

How beautiful LOVE can be…

It's all about LOVE

It’s all about LOVE….

Today I was in a deep conversation about LOVE…. and it really got me thinking.. what does the word LOVE mean to me? We all have different perceptions, meanings and visions of what love should look like and if it doesn’t appear the way we feel it should then we deem it wrong. When the real question is… What does your inner self-love look like? What is within us in order for it to show outward? The Journey of love starts within which translates into what degree of love are we able to give and receive. In this day and age where the WORLD needs more love, if we don’t love ourselves how do we expect to show and love others in our world? Love is a self-reflection, if we don’t see love in others, we aren’t love. To have love we need to be love and I’m not just talking about personal relationships, it’s so much deeper than that. To love ourselves requires work, it requires being vulnerable, authentic and walking a life of integrity. This sounds great but can we truly be with what love requires from us…..?

I was listening to one of my favorite artists, Common and his song, Love Is…

“How beautiful love can be, on the streets love is hard to see, it’s a place I got to be, loving you is loving me, how beautiful love can be, we gotta raise that frequency”

Let’s work on raising our frequency of the beauty of LOVE!  -Jeanette

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Arise Hero Clothing Photo shoot at Extreme Results Fitness. 

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You were made for this Journey….

As I was looking through old photos I stumbled across an old fitness competition photo of myself and it immediately took me back to those days where my life literally revolved around food, workouts and sleep. I ate, slept and breathed competition life….every decision was based upon whether it would affect my upcoming competition. I remember how tasking this was on me emotionally, physically and spiritually and at that time it took a toll on my relationship as well.  I had to remind myself why I was doing this, and remind myself of how strong I was, how far I’ve come to stop now, and the valuable lessons I have learned thus far.

Do you ever wonder why you chose to put yourself through an experience, a situation, or circumstance yet look back and feel so much gratitude for all the lessons that it taught you? We would not be the people that we are today if it wasn’t for the valuable lessons and opportunities of our past. Some are not so pleasant yet those seem to be the challenges that teach and mold us the most. We may not understand the “why” at that time but it certainly appears once we are finally ready to see and receive the lesson and/or experience with open arms.

I had to hold on tight during my competition days, it was a roller-coaster of emotions…up and down and then up again only to be taken back down. The whole competition road and journey is another blog post on its own, but know that regardless of my up’s and down’s and your up’s and down’s WE/I AM VICTORIOUS! Why? Because we kept going, we pressed through and received the internal medal of owning who we truly are….!!

I learned to get out there in life and strut my stuff, meaning my knowledge, my accomplishments, and experiences and my trials to help and encourage so many that were struggling in their own circumstances and give them a HUGE glimmer of hope!

OWN who you are…. your uniqueness, your trials, your victories and DON’T look back!

BE fearless in your steps and confident in your walk…you were made for this journey! – Jeanette Ortega

I was made for this JOURNEY!

I was made for this JOURNEY!

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Recipe of the Week: The Best Healthy Chocolate Brownies

The Best Healthy Chocolate Brownies


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”


Craving chocolate? Bake this ultimate healthy brownie for yourself or a group!

PLUS there will be plenty to share or give away this holiday season.

  • 3/4 cup almond flour
  • 1/4 cup coconut flour
  • 4 eggs
  • 2/3 cup coconut oil
  • 4 Tablespoons raw honey
  • 3/4 teaspoon stevia powder
  • 2/3 cup cocoa powder
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar (optional – helps the brownies rise)
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda


  1. Preheat oven to 350ºF (175C).
  2. Mix all the ingredients together well (add in the baking soda last).
  3. Pour into 12 muffin cups
  4. Bake at 350ºF for 17 minutes.