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A journey is never a straight line…

Has this quarantine enabled you to go deep with yourself?

Do you want to go back to how you were before this happened or has something unveiled itself to you and you’re making some changes? 
Reflection has definitely been a big part of my quarantine and I’m realizing how ingrained it is in my consciousness to always be working on “becoming” more, rather than enjoy “being” who I am presently. 

We’re always caught up in becoming more, achieving more, having more, and so on… and while that is certainly great and a part of life, we lose sight of the here and now. The true nectar of life lies in the ability to be awestruck at the recognition of what already is, of who we already are. 

I’ve realized I want to start measuring my accomplishments by collecting moments. I want more moments where I’m totally present with the humans I care about that are right in front of me. These past weeks I have felt how deep the conditioning is that we must continue to build and collect more certificates, more reviews, more money. Yet, perhaps the greatest accomplishment of all will be to remember that we are already enough and to truly live life from that truth. 

So I leave you with two questions that I myself have pondered during this time..
1) What would this look like?
2) How would it feel? 

 Stay uplifted my friends and much love and health to you all! 

What I have learned so far…

What I have learned through COVID-19 Quarantine

Here we all are…in a Global Pandemic that we have never seen or experienced before in this way; our WORLD as we knew it has been shut down. 
It has caused me, like I am sure it has caused you; to reflect, to dive deep, to ask yourself some questions. Or maybe it hasn’t, yet we are all in this together, we truly are all connected and this has affected OUR WORLD!
Our World is changing, we are changing, and when this is “over” do you want to go back to your same way of living or being? 

What I have learned so far during this Quarantine:

1) I had taken many of our freedoms and liberties for granted. I miss my family and my friends deeply, which has grown my appreciation for all of this unbelievably more than words can express! 

2) I am so GRATEFUL for all the simple and small things in my life… and for all of our front-line people out there everyday serving us! I thank and honor you! 

3) This has caused me to be even more creative and resourceful! I have had an online platform with my Bootoga membership site, but everything now has caused me to learn more, take some online courses, practice the tricks and tips of editing, & filming more content that I’ve been putting off. I have pushed my own creative limits to continue to serve my clients and community to stay healthy and active during this time. 

4) I have learned to give and receive on a whole new level, and being with the beauty that it brings. 

5) This time has caused me to be PRESENT with myself on a whole different level. I have been with all my emotions, thoughts, things I have been procrastinating on, old beliefs, healing, writing, journaling, praying, and meditating; all of which have been upped ten fold and so eye opening on so many levels. I have learned to be gentle and okay with having some good days and some not so good days yet to appreciate the lesson or message of the day. 

6) I have learned a deeper love, appreciation & friendship for my fiance as we go through this together… it has been the best form of pre-marital counseling in my perspective. Ha! 

7) I have learned to have more compassion for people. We are all going through this together yet with different conditions and perspectives; some of us with kids at home, some have lost their jobs, some are going through this home alone, and some working even more, whether from home or showing up to a location.

8) I have learned that either I change or I repeat the patterns of my life. I choose a true transformation in Mind, Body and Soul.


What have you learned so far? 

I end this with a beautiful quote that spoke to me:
“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.” —Wayne W. Dyer

When we can’t go outside, it’s time to go within. 
I pray you find peace during this time. 

Much LOVE and HEALTH to you all! 

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Follow Along Workout…!

Here’s a simple and fun follow along outdoor workout for you all! It’s under 10 minutes, 4 movements and you can repeat them 3-4 times through.

I’ll be posting more quarantine videos as we go… both LIVE and recorded, so subscribe below and please let me know in the comments which type of workouts you would like!

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Stay inspired everyone!

Rest, Reflect & Renew

Taking time to reflect & meditate.

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Rest, Reflect & Renew during this time

I have chosen this time of quarantine as much needed rest, reflection and renewal.
I am truly grateful for this time to sleep in, allowing my mind and body to rest, I am grateful for my online membership to allow me to continue serve my clients and anyone else who is in need. I am grateful for technology and learning new skills during this time. I am grateful to catch up on my reading, to-do lists, and even a little Netflix binge watching that I don’t normally get to do and I am grateful for some new energy! 

I want to share with you 5 ways to have more energy throughout the day!

1) Get good sleep! 
A good nights sleep helps the body and mind recover from the stresses of the day and sustains your levels of energy.

2) Establish a morning routine. 
How your start the day sets the trajectory for how the rest of your day will unfold. Think of inspiring ways to get you out of the bed each morning.
Living room dance party anyone?! 

3) Perform self massage. 
It’s a great form of self love and effective way to clear energy channels in the body by moving & dislodging toxins. 

4) Breathe deep! 
Next time you feel low on energy take a deep breath. It connects the mind with the body and reawakens vitality.. ! 

5) Have some FUN! 
It’s easy to forget how important it is to have FUN and get a little silly especially when you can’t change a situation but we can change our reaction to it and seek out experience to boost your energy and clear your mind. 

In addition to the five ideas above, don’t forget to pay attention to your eating habits. The different foods you put in your body can also affect your energy levels. Try to eat healthy, with leafy greens that are full of nutrients to give you a boost. Try to drink green tea to achieve a more natural energy boost, or stick to water and add lemon or orange or cucumbers to your water for an immunity boost. 
All in all… get creative and have fun!

Stay healthy, rested, and take this time as a period of renewal of your Mind, Body and Soul. 

Stay healthy and energized! 

I’m still STANDING.. and stronger than ever!

Rise like a Phoenix from the ashes!

Through the storms of life… I’m stronger than ever before! A new Happy Birthday to me…

I’ve heard it said that your birthday defines your meaning and purpose in life, and that every year is YOUR NEW year of life and another travel around the sun. Well, these past 2 years, especially this past year has been a true test of everything I am or who I thought I was. I was broken down to my very core, questioning my identity and what I truly desired in my life, what was I still holding onto that was holding me down, what was I ready to release and let go of. So when I felt that life was taking everything around me down to the ground, I had to whither the storm and remove layers of myself that were no longer needed. It was painful when people or things were taken out of my life and it was very hard to understand why. I had many tears of heartbreak, loneliness and pain yet I knew and had to believe there was a higher purpose and reason for all that I was going through. Have you ever felt that way? I had to constantly remind myself that life wasn’t happening “to me”, it was happening “FOR ME”.

I am now out of the eye of the storm.. I fought, I kept asking myself what is the opportunity for growth, what do I need to learn, what do I need to let go of for good, what am I afraid of if I do let go of something, am I truly ready for all that I’ve been asking for and trying to manifest? AM I loving every part of myself, am I owning my power of the woman that I am, Am I ready to get out there and share my stories, my pain and my victories, am I strong enough not to give a f*%k what others think of me or my decisions, am I pure love and light, have I given up judgement on myself and others? I prayed, meditated and asked God and my angels to continually guide me and give me comfort in the pain. It’s in our deepest sorrows that we finally surrender to our greater selves, there is a much larger plan and purpose for all of us and I needed to let go of all old baggage because it was not going to fit in the new flight plan of my life. I resisted yet when I finally surrendered I was given so much peace, joy and love on levels that I have not experienced before.

REBIRTH…. A new me has emerged!

Out of the ashes, a new and improved, stronger than ever woman has emerged! I have embraced every part of me, given love to my flaws, appreciate the goodness of who I am, what I stand for and the roots of where I came. My adoption story is a HUGE part of this transformation and I have embraced all the intricacies that are me.

The QUEEN in me is WOKE!

The Queen in me is WOKE! She has been refined, redefined, survived the fire and now a new version of me is here, an empowered woman with a new meaning of love, a new meaning of forgiveness, a new meaning of joy and happiness and most importantly someone who knows HER WORTH and is not afraid of boundaries any longer. I am LOVE, I am POWER, I am COMPASSION, I am VITALITY, I am PROSPEROUS, I deserve all my hearts desires and dreams, I am LIGHT, I am MAGIC, I am here for a purpose and I am READY!


I have now been experiencing love and joy on a whole new level. Beautiful new people in my life have appeared, new opportunities, new hopes and dreams, new creativity and regardless of what is going on around me there is true joy internally despite any external circumstances. I am on the path of true love, true joy and true inner peace. I survived hardships, heartaches, a car accident and I’m here to tell you that you too can make it through whatever you may be facing. Know that you are called to a higher purpose on this planet, it may be just to help someone else out because you have gone through their pain and survived it, you may be a speaker or leader to help many, regardless of what it is, know that us being here on this earth is so much greater than ourselves. We all need one another to be our best, we are all support, love and encouragement for one another whether in spirit or in person. HEAL yourself first and foremost, allow yourself time away from anyone or anything that is causing more negativity than positivity in your life. You need YOU more than anyone out there, take care of you and don’t ever feel selfish for choosing “YOU”. You are worth it and you are needed and loved in this world. Let LOVE rule in your mind, body and soul so you can live the fulfilled life that you desire. It’s all possible, just believe, keep walking one foot in front of the other and before you know it… true joy and internal peace is yours. May some part of my short story resonate with you. My birthday wish is for your true joy and LOVE!



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The Fitness Mindset

Mindset is arguably the most important aspect of your fitness goals. You need to develop a mindset that will help you improve your mental focus, not only at the gym but in your everyday life. This isn’t a miracle post that will magically transform your mind and make you want to exercise every day. It’s practical. It’s straightforward and my hopes is that it will kick you into gear. 

Taking control of your health is ultimately going to help your create continuously since exercising can help you tap into your creative energy. There are many other benefits:

  • Make you feel happier
  • Keep your brain functions sharp.
  • Improve your daily functions (yes to carrying all groceries in one trip)
  • Improving your sleep
  • Boost your confidence

No aspect of your life is disconnected from the other. It’s not about separating everything into their boxes but making them work together and live more fulfilled. Here is how you develop a fitness mindset and improve your overall focus.

1) DEFINE YOUR GOALS (YOUR WHY), what is important to you, not anyone else but you! 
What is your personal health goal.. try to stray away from 20 pounds lighter, etc, truly get connected to your inner being, yet if you honestly want to be 20 pounds lighter what is the reason behind that? What will it make you feel? How will it make you feel? What beliefs have you had around what it do for you?
GO WITHIN and really understand the ROOT of your goal and WHY and how it will make you feel when having it. Then start to develop those good feelings already present within you. When we invite the good feelings in, we then open ourselves to guidance and direction into the right action steps. 

I don’t have time, I don’t have the money, I can’t do it, I’ll start after vacation, I’m not strong enough.. 
These are all past experiences of fear repeating the same cycles in your life.. these little voices in your head are not real, they are automatic and on replay. We all know that when we want something bad enough we make the time for it or we save the money to buy it, we do whatever is possible when we truly desire it. We seem to pause the auto replay for certain things in our lives yet when it comes to self care and self love those voices seem to be as loud as possible. Notice this and start to get familiar with why and when these excuses deter you. Start to shut them down and recognize the EXCUSE alert! 

Don’t label your health as a chore, make it FUN! Make a game out of it. BE flexible with it, assign rewards when you’ve hit a certain milestone, (ex: I worked out 2-3xs a week consistently for a month, buy yourself a new workout outfit to keep you motivated). Have a dance party after you completed your workout, give yourself that salt bath, try to use 4 different colors of vegetables in your dinner and see what you create! Start being creative and have FUN with it, stop making it be so significant or put big lofty goals on yourself when you are starting out. Everything in life takes time, don’t force or resist the balance that we all need in life. Laugh at yourself when you mess up, learn from it and move on… health is a lifestyle, not a destination.

There is a plethora of diets and fitness fads out there and knowing what works for you entails you to listen to yourself. Does my gut feel good about eating this? Does my body feel good about lifting today or does it desire yoga today? LISTEN to your body….it’s always talking to you. DO what works FOR YOU! Take all the noise out and FOCUS on what works for you.. stop comparing yourself to what everyone else is doing. You are the best teacher for you.. follow your instinct on what you need and seek guidance when you feel it is necessary. 

These are just a few steps for a Fitness Mindset and one of the reasons why I created my online membership site. I want to show people that you don’t need a fancy gym to get healthy, it’s about learning that fitness can be done anywhere and at anytime and at any age. We make it simple, accessible and affordable so you can walk with confidence, self love and wellness in mind, body and soul. 

Please join our Online Community and let’s do this together! Pre-sale rate of $25 good until end of July. We will be launching the site within the next week! Check it out  and sign up on the link below!

Homecoming: an instance of returning home…

Homecoming: an instance of returning home…

How many of us have gone through something that was so life changing for us that we have no idea who we are anymore?! Then we start to make that journey of renewal and restoration back to a new and improved version of ourselves and it feels like home again!?

Embrace this beautiful transformation.. it’s a journey of letting go, releasing, forgiving, and rebuilding which brings us to a new found clarity.
My encouragement to you: Keep going no matter what.. the homecoming back to your new improved true authentic self is liberating and brings great freedom.

**Excited to announce that Hot Bootoga®️will be added on Thursday evenings at The Wild Plum – Holistic Spa & Yoga Center at 7pm. Join me this Thursday evening!! Bring a friend!

Keep going for your goals everyone!