Listen to your heart..

Today I taught Bootoga®️ twice, trained clients, trained my DreamWorks Corporate clients in the rain, did my workout, had 2 meetings and with every ounce of my being I was fighting taking a yoga class for myself this evening… my mind kept saying you’re tired, you’ve done enough, go home, rest, blah, blah, blah… yet my heart kept saying nope… take yoga.

I listened and it filled my heart and soul more than I can explain. It was a slow flow class which causes you to slow down, hold poses longer, focus internally on your breath and body with grace and ease.
I found myself so at peace and so grateful for the opportunity to be there and reconnect on a deeper level with myself once again. It was a reset button.

With all this being said.. don’t neglect your self care… listen to your heart and soul and let it guide you, it won’t steer you wrong. It was just what I needed in this busy thing we call “life”.

What’s your reset button?

Live your best life….


How many times have we seen this hashtag? Or #livingmybestlife…? 
Are people truly living their best lives or their best moment? And do they only show the facade of what they want people to see and perceive of them? My vote is yes, we all do that. This is why social media causes depression among many striving to live their best life but can’t live up to others perceived “photos”. This is why there is so much greatness in candid photos, videos, and life shots… it shows the truth and beauty of what is happening “in the now”. 

I recently attended the One Love Reggae Festival in Long Beach and enjoyed myself fully. I love the energy of people all gathered in one place to dance and listen to music that moves their heart and soul. I was dancing yet I saw something that didn’t just strike my eyes but also my heart.. I captured a picture of these two beautiful souls. I honestly don’t care if you are against smoking weed or not, can you just look at this picture and see the beauty of it instead of being judgmental of your own opinions or past experiences? 
All I saw was pure bliss, people living their best “moment” with each other, with themselves and also with every other person at that event.
We are all connected in one way or another; we all experience joy, pain, heartache, anger, laughter and so much more at many points in our life experience, yet this capture spoke to my heart and soul. 
It’s the most simplest things and experiences in life that bring us pure bliss. It’s not how much money we have, what we drive, what we do for a living, or what zip code we live in, it’s laying out in nature with people we enjoy, it’s listening to music, it’s in holding the hand of someone you cherish, it’s in the smiles of people dancing and enjoying themselves, it’s letting go and JUST BEING YOU! 
I believe this is why festivals are so popular, people take off the daily masks of their perceived lives and become free to be themselves amongst many others who feel the same. I am no stranger to music festivals, each one I attend I seem to peel off another layer of a self limiting belief I had been holding onto that was not my belief but the beliefs of society, or my family, etc. 
We start to become more and more in tune with our true inner being then we come back to our daily world where everything has stayed the same yet somehow we are completely transformed from the inside out. How do we now navigate the daily drudges of life when we just experienced true bliss? 
My thought process: continue to live your best life moment by moment, and be in gratitude for those moments that take your breath away, keep your real candid moments fresh in your heart and visit them daily so that you keep the excitement for the new ones you are about to create! 

Be free and live your own bliss… ! 

Health and Happiness always, 
Jeanette….  a lover of life

Trust the timing of your life…

Trust, Faith, Believe….

This is much easier said than done, at least for me. One of my biggest continual lessons in life is being patient. Anyone feel me?! We all go through challenges and the storms of life yet it’s at those times that we want everything to work out the exact way we want it and when we want it, yet not realizing we truly are not always ready for what we are asking for. 
So why do we resist trusting the timing of things in our life? 

Let’s visit the word Trust, a verb: trusted; trusting; trusts

Definition of trust
ato rely on the truthfulness or accuracy of to believe
bto place confidence in to rely
cto hope or expect confidently trusts that the problem will be resolved soon
d: assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something
e: dependence on something future or contingent: to Hope

As I read these definitions it brought me to memories where my trust in someone or a situation was broken, yet if I TRUSTED myself and my initial gut instinct it would not have happened. So how many times in life do we not TRUST ourselves and what’s best for ourselves? So then we go through some painful lessons and more growth hopefully becoming more wise and owning our ability to trust ourselves. 

We stand in our own way and block certain things to happen usually because we aren’t ready for them until we do the consistent work of loving ourselves enough to trust ourselves in the knowing that we deserve an amazing life and MORE. Interesting isn’t it… how it all comes back to ourselves.. yes, certain things happen that are out of our control but majority of it is our limiting beliefs and our society that strives for instant gratification that usually only lasts temporarily because our inner core work hasn’t been developed to love and truly appreciate it. 

It’s been this past year and a half that I had to believe in myself without a shadow of a doubt that I knew it was time for me to sell my “physical” gym space and move more into my purpose for a greater reach. There were many times I doubted myself and questioned whether or not I made the right decision but today I write this with 100% commitment that I made the right choice by trusting myself regardless of how hard it was for me emotionally, financially, and mentally. I chose to trust me and now after all the work I have done, many beautiful opportunities keep opening up more and more as I continue to trust myself. 
MY gym served a beautiful purpose in my life and I am forever grateful for all the lessons, laughter, amazing friendships, and growth yet just like we finish reading a book and close it, it’s been time to pick up the next new edition and create a whole new book of many new adventures! 

Cheers to TRUSTING the timing of our lives in 2019! 

21 Day Yoga & Meditation Challenge! Starts January 11th, 2019!

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I’ll also be posting tips on yoga, mindfulness, different types of meditation and wellness.

It takes at least 21 days to create or break a habit and 2019 is a powerful year.. it’s time to live more consciously about our habits, relationships, careers and more. 
By starting and maintaining a daily yoga & meditation practice this will help us bring more clarity of what we desire in our lives and what we still need to release and what we are finally ready to receive!

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Bootoga® Jewelry Line

For years I have worn beads that have beautiful meaning and calming affects for life’s daily adventures, and now my team and I are creating them for you to share in the beauty of what they represent and what speaks to your heart and soul.

Each Bracelet has it’s own meaning and intention.
These are more than just bracelets, they are bracelets with meaning and will transform your life by manifesting miracles. You will capture pure energy as you slip a Bootoga® bracelet onto your wrist. You’ll be wearing more than just a simple fashion accessory—you’ll be wearing guidance bracelets to redefine your life by healing your inner soul.
Tigers Eye: a powerful stone that helps you release fear, anxiety and aids in harmony and balance.
Carnelian & Agate together: HIGHLY powerful and calming
Sea Turtles represent Good luck, endurance and a long life
Moonstone: Powerful stone of calm, peace and balance
Beautiful Moonstone with Pink Tourmaline for love, joy, happiness, balance and peace with the LOVE charm
Amethyst stone represents spiritual protection and purification while the moonstone provides clarity, and calm with the LOVE charm

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We are closing in on 2018!

Release 2018 and get ready to receive 2019 with open palms!

Happy New Year! 

All I can say is how truly blessed and grateful I am for all the travel, friendships, experiences, love, laughter, new creations, Bootoga® launching at a new level and so much more! 

Thank you 2018 for all the lessons, growth, heartbreak, successes and fun, for they have all taught me so much. Thank you to everyone for your support, love, and encouragement this past year as I made many changes and transitions that were long overdue. I believe everything has it’s purpose in life for us and it’s our discernment and awareness to know when to end one chapter and open and create another one to continue the journey and purpose of our soul. 

You have all been a crucial part of my life in one way or another and I am so grateful for each of you. I wish all of you the many blessings of health, wealth, unlimited joy and love in your life for 2019!

Take the new opportunities coming your way, stay open to new possibilities and allow your life to flow. Stay unattached to outcomes, and believe that you are capable of anything you desire. Collaborate, create, love passionately and be adventurous for life is to be lived… don’t wait until you get that next promotion, new job, etc.. Do it now, live your life now and BE PRESENT in the moments of your beautiful life. 

Cheers to a Happy & Healthy New Year to all!

Love of Another Year….

Open your eyes and take a look around you. How’s the view? Do you like what you see? Are you living the life you pictured for yourself or are you still dreaming of something bigger?

The minute you finally see all the things you have, you see all the things you stand to lose and that’s where you realize there’s nothing more important than LOVE!! Truly nothing. We learn from each other, we support each other, we cherish each other, we uplift each other… we are all LOVE and in search of LOVE. Love looks different to all of us, there is no right or wrong way to view love BUT remember it is the most PURE emotion that we all share.

If there’s anything I learned this past year more than ever is the many levels and meanings of LOVE! It has shown up in my life in ways I would never imagine. Yes there has been heart break but the beauty of LOVE breaks through the hard times, it tears away the shadows we all keep, it frees us, it inspires us, it liberates us, and it empowers us!

Share the gift of your love…. let go, get out of your head and into your heart and embrace the beautiful moments of your life! Be unapologetically you! Be authentically you! Learn to LOVE without expectations. Learn to spread LOVE everywhere you go whether it’s through a smile, a hug, a conversation or a wink…. BE LOVE and watch your world magically return back to you tenfold!

It’s time to be free and live freely… there are no more f&$ks to give what anyone else thinks. Sync up with who you really are and show up exactly as you are.

Another year, a little bit wiser…. 🙂 Happy Birth Love day to me! 🙂

Attention through Intention

There can be beauty in getting lost, sometimes we have to get lost to find ourselves and each other, and then sometimes we we find ourselves and each other only to get lost all over again. We grow, we shift, we change the course and then these shifts may set us adrift again…. but it’s when we stand still, listen and be open to where the winds want to take us next that our true journey begins.

Maintain gratitude for the journey…. maintain your attention to your intention, be conscious of your thoughts and continually be in awe and beauty of the journey that is yours..!

The truth of a Weight Loss Journey…not always pretty, but WORTH IT!

I work out 6 days a week.


We’re talking crossfit, kickboxing, bootcamp, Bootoga™, lifting, running “hard.” I’ve raced in triathlons and 10Ks and half marathons and mudruns…just this past April I finished Spartan Stadium Sprint in under an hour WITH a busted up shin from missing a box jump. I’m strong.







I was also over 200 pounds.

And we’re not talking cut, muscular, defined “200+ pounds”…we’re talking body fat in the 30’s, squishy belly, big thighs, thick arms “200+ pounds.”

The fact is I’ve spent pretty much my entire life being overweight, so it’s not generally an ‘in your face’ kind of an issue, but it is like a low frequency buzz that I can’t ever quite escape. When I meet new people, when I try on clothes, when I get dressed to go out, when I get dressed to work out, when I decide what pictures to post on Facebook…the first question always is “do I look fat”? That Spartan race that I finished? I felt so strong, so empowered…until I saw the pictures of myself during and after. Then I just felt…fat…again. I guess that’s because I don’t feel fat because I’m so fit (yay) until I see myself through what I think are other people’s eyes (boo).

The thing is, I know how to lose weight. Not only am I a certified personal trainer, I’ve done it before…well, okay, I did it ONE time in my life, but I really kicked ass at it. I lost about 35 pounds (over the course of 2 years) by just getting active and changing my eating habits when I joined a bootcamp. And then I entered a contest and lost 15 more pounds. I got down to a size freaking 10. I won a weight loss challenge!! And you know what? It felt great.







Kind of.

I mean, don’t get me wrong…it was super fun to shop for stuff that was cute instead of stuff that just fits me. And I got a little more daring with my outfits and had fun with that. And, omg, the best part was when I sat for too long on a hard surface, my sit bones kind of hurt…like all my skinny friends complain about! But what wasn’t so fun were my deflated boobs.

And while my husband totally supported me every step of the way, he also missed my bodacious rack and also found my newer, slender self a little…unfamiliar. He never, ever criticized, but like the low frequency buzz, I could feel it. And as unfamiliar as he was feeling, strangers were, well, familiar. Men noticed me. They flirted. They didn’t care that I was married and not interested. As someone who was used to (and preferred) flying under the radar, it was stressful and annoying.

Together with those mental pressures, well, it was HARD to lose all that weight, and once I won that challenge, I decided to take a break with my regimented eating. Let loose a little. And then a little more. And then a little more.

And what do you know? While I didn’t get back to square one, I seriously flirted with it. The combination of those pictures from the Spartan finish and the looming deadline of a milestone birthday combined to kick me into gear again. I decided to buckle down. I turned my attention back to my nutrition…because as unfair as it feels and as cliché as it sounds, you lose weight in the kitchen, not in the gym. As hard as you train, you can eat (or drink! Alcohol not only has calories but plays with your metabolism in sneaky ways!) away a workout and then some so freaking fast.

But this time, in addition to watching the calories and the carbs and the protein, I made a commitment to also watch my mind. I lost weight for ME the first time, but I started gaining it back again, in part, because of what I felt coming from others. I recognize that if I’m going to make it stick this time, it is critical for me to keep my own goals and emotions and ambitions in the front of my mind…because that’s what you seldom hear…your mindset is such a critical piece to weight loss…hell, to life. It is your secret weapon, or secret villain…choose wisely.

I’m trying to.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned so far is that it really is a journey, and not a race (sorry, another cliché!)…which sucks because I’m good at races! Short term goals, even if they are hard, are much easier for me. Focus in for two months, watching every calorie and counting every rep…yep, I can do that. Staying present, enjoying life, while maintaining or losing more weight? I’m still figuring that out. But I’m ready for the journey.

Story of and Written by: Melani L.

Certified Bootoga®Instructor & Personal Trainer

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Bootoga® Dance Party!

Life is meant to be celebrated and enjoyed and Bootoga® is that type of lifestyle!
It’s Wellness for Life in every area!! 

When was the last time you went dancing?

Research proves that dancing improves brain function on a variety of levels. Two recent studies show how different types of practice allow dancers to achieve peak performance by blending cerebral and cognitive thought processes with muscle memory and ‘proprioception’ held in the cerebellum. Through regular aerobic training that incorporates some type of dance at least once a week anyone can maximize his or her brain function.
Who doesn’t want that?!!! 
Join us for a quick one hour Bootoga® session from 8-9 am and then let’s DANCE it out from 9-11 am. Allow dance to free your mind, your spirit and your body! BE FREE from limitations and mind chatter, let’s gather together and celebrate one another and bring in the morning with true intention of FUN, BEAUTY and LOVE!! 
Please RSVP by Thursday July 19th, 2018… Invite friends, this is OPEN to everyone! 
Come meet our new Bootoga® Instructors and community and let’s LIVE IN THE MOMENT! 
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